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Here we are, another Etsy Thursday! This week, we are going to be highlighting a few of our favorite unique office supplies found on Etsy. Let’s get started…

First off, we have an iPhone/iPod docking station from WoodTec. Greg has officially put this on his Christmas wish list! “Re-connect with nature as you charge your apple devices.” Handmade from cedar wood, this docking station is the perfect mix of natural and high tech. Using a standard USB plug, it can be used to charge and sync with a computer or your wall adapter. Be sure to browse the rest of WoodTec’s products. They even have an iPad docking station!

I love this Antique Impressions Calendar from Colette Paperie! I like how each month is on an individual piece of 4.25″ x 11″ linen cardstock. That way, you can hang it on your fridge, memo board or even in a frame that you change out each month. The charming vintage-inspired illustrations are independently illustrated by Colette Paperie. I also really like their Botanical Calendar (I had a hard time picking out which to feature!).

When I came across this iSockit™ laptop case from Blythe, I fell in love with it. Ironically, this company is based in our hometown of Richmond, Virginia! What I love the most about these laptop cases is that they are made from vintage fabric. Bringing vintage charm to everyday items makes using them much more fun. Check out the Blythe shop for various sizes and fabric choices.

Tune in next Thursday for an extra pretty, Etsy Thursday: Jewelry Edition! Until then, do you have a favorite Etsy find or maybe a favorite Etsy seller? Let us know by leaving a comment.

7th House on the Left does not accept payment or perks for anything in our Etsy Thursday features. We simply have an obsession with Etsy that we want to share with everyone : )

When Greg and I were handed the keys the day after closing, the very first rooms we wanted to tackle were the hall and master bathrooms. We’ve already talked about the hall bathroom, which was very narrow and visually closed off.  Let’s just say the main problem in the master bathroom was… quite the opposite.

The vanity area was actually in the bedroom, while the shower and toilet were in their own separate room. Even better, the vanity area was carpeted. Very circa 1976.

Knowing that this wasn’t going to mesh well with our style, we had to do something.  You might have already guessed what we did, considering the current state of our kitchen (or lack thereof).  We ripped the whole thing out, tearing down the wall between the vanity and bathroom proper in the process.

Before we did any of that, though, we needed a plan. Here’s the layout as it was before the demo:

The first day was spent gutting the bathroom. With the help of friends and family, the process went relatively fast. After the bathroom was stripped down to the studs, we milled over quite a few scenarios when deciding what to do with the layout. Simply closing up the opening, making the closet the shower area or leaving the sink where it was and making the closet a tad larger were all options we considered. All of those seemed like “do-able” plans, but then we came up with a layout that didn’t require an awful lot of plumbing reconfiguration but gave the bathroom the privacy it needed:
As you can see, we chose to move the closet door and close up the opening that once was practically a part of the bedroom. Also, instead of installing another tub/shower combo, we opted for a shower. We realize some may gasp at the idea of not having a tub in the master bathroom, but given the choice between a mediocre-sized tub/shower combo and a large, spacious shower, it was an easy choice. After all, there is a tub in the hall bathroom if either of us ever gets the urge to soak.

You may have noticed the small window over the toilet. With the new layout, the edge of the shower would be smack dab in the middle of the window. So we had no choice but to take it out in the interest of shower space.

The next few steps were like a whirlwind! A new friend came to help out with framing the new shower and closet door. (Thank you, Woody!) Shortly after that, a crew came in to rip up the old carpet and lay down new hardwood floors. (They’re being stained next week! Yay!) A few weeks later, we got our painting clothes on and painted the master bedroom Slate by Restoration Hardware. Once that was done, we hired a professional to come in to paint all of the trim to give it that finished professional look.

After all of that work, here is what the space looks like today:

Since we are already in the space anyway, here’s a shot of the opposite side of the master bedroom:

What used to be a cramped, dull fiberglass shower/tub combo is now framed to be a spacious shower with bench.

What used to be the doorway to the closet is now ready for a good sized vanity with double sinks.

When it comes to fixtures and finishes, we are still in the process of making all of those decisions. However, we do know that we love the tile so much in our hall bathroom, that we are using it in the master bathroom as well.

As we have mentioned before, we are doing these renovations as we have the money in hand, so this bathroom renovation isn’t going to happen overnight. However, knowing that we definitely want the same tile that is in the hall bathroom, we have given the go-ahead to our awesome “tile guy”, Melvin. He’s hard at work on it as I type! Progress makes us happy! Once this is done (it should be by this Thursday), we will be well on our way to being–as Greg likes to say–“done done” (as opposed to just regular old “done”).


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We  haven’t talked much about the backyard yet, and with everything going on inside at the moment, we probably won’t until the Spring.  For now, we are sticking to house projects (of which we have plenty) rather than yard beautification, but that doesn’t mean we won’t share some cool stuff from the yard every now and then!

Speaking of cool stuff, check out what I like to call the “Tie Dye Tree” in our back yard. It’s dark green on the side that gets sun all day and full-on fall foliage on the other, shadier side.  How cool is that?!

For us, it’s the little things that make a house a home, and this is just one of those lovely little quirks that you’ll never see until you’ve lived somewhere for a while.  We’ll make sure to bring you other fun things we find, both inside and out!

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