We are knee-deep in boxes and our home currently feels like a construction zone, but nevertheless, it’s Christmas time! Ya’ll know I love nothing more than the Christmas season. Typically, Greg and I are those crazy people that have their house decorated by Thanksgiving Day at the latest, but this year has been a little bit different for the Brown family. My slightly OCD brain wanted to wait to put the tree up until we were completely unpacked and could fully enjoy the tree being up in our new, awesomely organized home. Yeah, wishful thinking.

Though a lot (if not most) of our Christmas decorations are still hanging out in boxes, we managed to round up the tree decorations and decked the halls… well, the tree anyway.

Silver, gold, copper, brown and red. We probably break every cardinal rule of Christmas tree decorating, but we think the mixed finishes and textures give a fun and eclectic vibe.

Remember when I gave some hints as to how we were planning on decorating our tree this year? Well, the hint came into play with our addition of antique cameras. We thought it would get the tree an eclectic vintage feel and pay tribute to our favorite classic Christmas movies.

We already had a few cameras on hand (they are the one thing I collect), but we needed a few more to fill in the tree. Luckily, we were able to snag 15 of them on eBay for $20, total! Score!

We’ve collected ornaments over the last few years as newlyweds — adding to them each year. This ornament (and the rest of its twins, scattered throughout the tree) are a personal favorite of mine:

Of course, we can’t forget the top of the tree! Check out this star lantern-turned-tree topper. All we did was pop off the opening that the candle goes in, and stick it on the top of the tree. We were sure to put a few of the Christmas lights in there as well to illuminate it from the inside.

Not all of the ornaments are part of a set. We also have a few unique ornaments here and there. Like this sock monkey ornament that my cousin, Sarah, gave us:

And this double-decker bus ornament I gave Greg last year representing his time in the UK his last year in college:

A camera can’t really capture the sparkly, glittery goodness of the ornaments on our tree. Though all of the ornaments may not match, one thing they have in common (with the exception of Mr. Sock Monkey, above), is the sparkle factor. We love how the lights refract off of each individual ornament.

When I was 14, I went through an Eiffel Tower phase. I had the Eiffel Tower lamp, the Eiffel Tower poster, the Eiffel Tower background on my phone… you get the picture. These days, I’m still loving the iconic masterpiece but in a more subtle, “grown up” way:

We really enjoyed putting our Christmas tree together in our new house this year.  Being able to say we’re having Christmas in OUR house is really exciting, and it’s something we’re sure not to forget any time soon.  If you have any special Christmas tree decorating memories you’d like to share, drop us a line in the comments!  We love good stories, especially during the Christmas season. : )