We’ve been thinking for a while that we should probably get around to sharing our paint colors. We’ve mentioned it here and there but never got around to writing an entire post dedicated to all things paint. However, for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been getting a lot (and we mean a lot) of emails and comments asking about the paint colors we used, so we thought it was probably time to put everything into a single, concise post.

Let’s start off with the most lived-in area of the house thus far…

Seeing as how the kitchen, living room and dining area are all open to each other, we decided to keep things simple and use only one paint color, Martha Stewart’s Cobblestone. Because this area is considered to be a “high trafficked area”, we used a satin finish paint. Being able to wipe the walls down with a damp rag without having to worry about taking off the color (as flat or eggshell paints can sometimes do) was something that we valued very highly.

We decided to carry the Cobblestone color into the foyer and down the hallway. Speaking of the hallway; it was one of our first-time-renovator blunders (read more about that here). In summary, we started out using the color in a satin finish, just like the rest of the house. After three (THREE!) full gallons of paint, something still wasn’t quite right, so we switched to a flat finish. What we didn’t know before we started painting is that a flat finish tends to hide imperfections or slight texturing. Thankfully, the flat paint worked as advertised, and now we have a nice, blank canvas awaiting wall art of some sort.

Another place we used Cobblestone is in Greg’s office. Greg’s office is, like every other room in the house, is still “in the making”, but we are using the colors in the Abacus wall art as our starting point. We love how the medium gray walls serve as a good base for the soon-to-be pops of color. It really helps bring out the individual colors but at the same time doesn’t make them stand out too much. We are also loving the contrast of the bright white furniture. So far, so good.

In the laundry room and the guest bedroom, we used another Martha Stewart color, Artesian Well.

We love the light, airy color and look forward to working with it when we further “embellish” both of these spaces.

The third and final paint color we used is Restoration Hardware’s Slate. We chose this paint color for my office because it’s open to the living/dining area and we wanted to choose a paint color that would flow well but different enough to define the space.

We l-o-v-e this paint. Not only is the color yummy, but the exclusive Restoration Hardware finish, Subtle Velvet, is too. We loved the outcome so much that we decided to use it in the other end of the house in the master bedroom, as well.

Though this room is really sparse at the moment (we’re still negotiating bedding, wall art, etc), the warm paint color really helps in “cozying up” the space.

Even though we love all of our paint colors, we also love the fact that isn’t permanent. With a gallon or two of a new color and a few hours, you can totally transform a room. We aren’t thinking about changing up any paint colors as of yet, but we’re definitely going to remember that fact if we have the urge to paint again — and I’m guessing that isn’t going to be anytime soon. 😉