When it comes to customizing furniture, installing different hardware is the easiest and fastest way to make it unique. It’s kind of like jewelry for your furniture. In the same way that you can totally transform an outfit by just changing your jewelry, you can make a typical-looking piece of furniture unique and fun by changing the hardware.

We have a few furniture projects around the house (like the guest room dresser and the future kitchen cabinets) where we are thinking about replacing the stock hardware with something a little more custom. Since we have hardware on the brain, we’re rounding up some of our favorite decorative hardware pieces…

Left to Right: Toscana Knob / Maddox KnobMother-of-Pearl Knob / Sea Blossom KnobUrchin Test KnobRed Striped Ceramic Door Knobs

Left to Right: Ivory Ceramic Knob / Lace-Strewn Knob / Beaded Knob / Prismatic Spring Pull / Lucky Number KnobCalico Owl Knob

Left to Right: Galaxy Knob / Ring Around the Knob / Rosette Knob / Traditional Amber Glass Knob / Cartographer’s Cultured Knob / Bubbled Glass Knob

So. many. to. choose. from! Keeping in mind that we will probably be using multiple knobs in a single area, I think my personal favorites are on the top row in the first set. They’re unique, but not too busy. Greg really likes the bottom-middle and top-right knobs in the third set. We really wish we could use all of these, but that would probably be overkill!

Do you have some favorites out of all these? Do you have a favorite store where you go to find unique hardware? We’d love to add to our list, so let us know in the comments section!