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June 2011

On the Road Tips + Tricks


automatic light timer

It’s time for your well-deserved vacation and you’re busy packing all of the necessities for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But don’t rush out the door too fast! Here are nine things you need to remember before you head off for your vacation destination… 1. Turn off any breakers that won’t be needed while you’re gone. This can save you a pretty nice little chunk of change. Sure, you could just leave everything in the…

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****THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES**** Scroll down to see the winning comment chosen by… Summer is here and it seems every Saturday morning we wake up to the sound of lawn mowers, trimmers, and mulch trucks. While we’ve been focusing primarily on the inside of the house we’ve been gearing up for some more exterior projects. We’ve been keeping up with helping the grass be all nice and green, pressure-washing and whatnot… but when it comes to…

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bakers royale july 4th diy

Fourth of July is just around the corner and “Blogland” is completely full of fun creative DIY projects to make your 4th extra special. I’ve been noticing so many fun projects that I just had to share with you some of my favorites… A 4th of July without Sparklers is like a Christmas without a Christmas tree! Dress up your sparklers with this adorable tutorial from Twig + Thistle. The tutorial also includes matchbox covers and drinking straw decorations. Click…

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Carport + Patio Exterior


metal planter before paint

Over a year and a half ago we bought two of these planters from CB2… We actually got them for the patio of our first place (a cozy two bedroom apartment on the other side of town). Back then, silver was our go-to metallic accent color. It matched everything we had, and it went really well with the exterior of our apartment complex. Around the time they came in, we were in the middle of the maybe-we-should-buy-a-house stage. In light…

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DIY Decor


diy mercury glass after

I’ve been seeing Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint on the blog-circuit (particularly the “DIY Mercury Glass”) for a while now and I’ve been dying to try it out! So off I went to three local craft stores, Sherwin William’s, Lowe’s, and Home Depot and everywhere I went, they were out or hadn’t heard of it. Therefore, I eneded up ordering it online from Hobby Lobby. It wasn’t the most economical option, but I was being rather impatient at the moment.…

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