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Last night, Greg and I took time out for a much needed date night. After dinner at one of our fave restaurants, Greg arranged for a private screening of my all-time favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast (3D). Okay, so he didn’t really rent out the theater… though he totally acted like it for a few minutes, and I almost believed it for a second. Just for a second. Nevertheless, we were indeed the only ones in the house – which gave me the glorious freedom to sing along with every lyric and recite every line… just like any normal Disney-loving 26-year-old would do. Duh.

target date night ashley brown

The night was rounded off with a trip to Target. Yes, Greg knows the way to my heart. Actually, I just needed to pick up some vitamins and hairspray. But along the way, I came across some fun, blog-worthy Target finds and here they are…

First off, my weakness: storage containers. They had all of these in three other colors (pink, teal, and black), but the green really caught my eye. It’s so fresh and Springy. When things are organized, yeah, I’m a happy camper. But when things are organized AND pretty, I’m downright emotional about it. True story.

I particularly loved this little guy ($14.99). You can’t have too many lidded boxes. And who doesn’t love a good zig zag pattern? These would be great to store extra dog toys or even out-of-season sweaters on the top shelf of the closet.

Let me start off by saying… It’s about time for someone besides Anthropologie have cute dishtowels. These are by Dwell Studio and were on clearance (at only $8.91 for three towels)! The yellow set is actually the same design as the bedding we have in the guest room. They also had matching pot holders for $3 a piece.

On the other side of the aisle were some Target brand kitchen towels. I thought these were really cute too and a little more on the modern side. The other ones were more like “dishtowels”, these were more like flour sack material (thin cotton). Come to think of it, either of these kitchen towels would make a great pillow… Hmm.

We’ve been keeping our eye out for curtains for the dining room for a while now. During my search, I saw these on the Target website (here) and seeing them in person makes me love them more. The only thing I’m concerned about it that the texture is a little too like the fabric on our dining room chairs. On the other hand, we’ve been thinking about switching those out anyway – but that’s an entirely different blog post way down the road. But I just love these panels! They are only $21.24 each (for the 54″x84″ panel) – a lot cheaper than what you’d find at other stores – yet, they are heavy and have a nice, rich gray color.

These storage ottomans ($59.99) would be perfect for extra seating in a living room set up. I wish like everything they came in other colors because I’ve been looking for some like these for my office. Throughout the house, we’re trying to steer clear of beige and leaning more towards grays and charcoals – so they wouldn’t really work in our space. So if these came in charcoal, two of them would be in my hot little hands at this moment.

Speaking of grays and charcoals, they did have these ottomans ($49.99) on the other side of the aisle. While I’m totally digging the color, I wish they doubled as storage. But sadly, they don’t so it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

I love, love, love these storage baskets ($39.99 a piece)! The chunky chalkboard labels had me at hello. I just wish I had a place to use them. They are rather large, so I don’t think I have a place to use them at the moment. They’d be great in a play room for toy storage. So, if you have kids, go pick up a few of these in my honor, ha!

Spring is in the air and it shows on the accessory aisles of Target. They are filled with bright green, white, and teal accents like this picture frame ($11.99) and decorative finials ($14.99). I really like this shade of blue – it’s kind of like a marriage of teal and cobalt.

These giant chess pieces ($12.99) caught Greg’s eye. He’s one of those I-like-playing-chess-against-myself type people. Me on the other hand, I don’t even know how to play.

I’m a sucker for trays. Put anything on a tray, even the remote controls for the tv, and they just automatically look and feel extra special. Now that I’m looking back at this photo, I think I might go back and pick up the one on the far left. It was only $12.99 and it came in a navy/cobalt-ish blue that I really liked. I’m not sure what I’d use it for, but like I said… sucker.

I really like the leather / nailhead action going on on this pillow ($22.99). The design reminded me of the one we used for the contact paper window project a while back.

Everyone needs a set of outdoor dishes. At least that’s what I told myself when I saw these. I think the chevron plates ($1.99 each) would be super cute mixed with some solid color bowls and cups. It would make for a fun and festive outdoor party – which we are planning on having as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer. Score.

Across from the outdoor dishes was the grocery section. Now… we’re cookie people. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find cookie dough in our fridge. But on the other hand, these days we’re all about eating healthy and “whole” as possible. Which is why we had to try the new Simply chocolate chip cookie dough from Pilsbury. They have no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. Should be… interesting. So in the cart they went. And yes, also in my cart were two matching pot holders mentioned above.

And if those fail…

…we always have a backup. So much for being healthy, right? 

On our way out, I spotted what I affectionately call, “the Giada section”. Okay, so, confession: I’m a total Giada De Laurentis fan girl. I love watching her shows on the Food Network, collecting her recipes, and I’m obsessed with her line at Target. I have the bamboo spoons, the hand-held strainer, the colander, the butter warmer (which, btw, is actually super handy)… and my collection keeps on growing. Every time I go past this section, I have to pick up something. This time around, we picked up a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Since Giada loves her olive oil, I’m anxious to try it out and see how it compares to “regular” EVOO.

When it was all said and done, the conclusion of our date night ended with purchasing two pot holders, two packages of cookie dough, Giada EVOO, and some outdoor plates. Oh, and the hairspray and vitamins I originally went in for. That’s how Target trips go, it’s impossible to stick to your list.

How about you? Any good Target finds lately? Or good date night stories?

For a very long time, 14 months to be exact, the half bathroom has been the most neglected room in the house. It remained untouched and definitely unwanted – though it did serve as a great “paint brush cleaning sink” while we were busy painting every other wall in the house.

As with the kitchen’s before photos, the half bath looked much better in photos than it was in person. Overall, it was dark and depressing. It also had the shortest vanity ever – okay, well maybe not ever, but it coming in at around 28″, was far too short for my 6’7″ husband. Lucky for us, the half bathroom has become a project by association…

When we decided to replace the tile floor in the laundry room, we knew that meant replacing the floor in the half bath as well and it didn’t make logical sense to lay down new flooring around a vanity we knew we hated and wanted to replace. So out went the vanity! Cue the Hallelujah chorus! 

Knowing that we needed a vanity, we decided to tack on an additional cabinet to the kitchen cabinet order (to the tune of around $500). Before the vanity was installed (along with the rest of the kitchen), Greg got busy patching up the big gaping hole that was mysteriously behind the mirror that hung on the wall, and painting the walls the same color as the laundry room (Martha Stewart’s Artesian Well #MSL117). Shortly after the vanity was in place, the new countertop was installed (on the same day as the kitchen countertops). Because we ordered such large pieces of countertop for the kitchen, we were able to get the half bathroom countertop at remnant price coming in around $300. From what we gathered from quotes from other companies, this was a really good price. When the plumbers came to hook up the new kitchen sink, they also hooked up the half bath. I guess you could say it all happened kind of like a snowball effect.

Oh, and the sink. I tell you, we LOVE this sink! It took us forever to pick out the right one, but we finally came across this one from Kohler (for $228). It’s 24″ x 16″ and about 7″ deep (plus the thickness of the countertop). We plan on using this bathroom as a “utility bathroom” – meaning it’s where we’ll give Bentley a bath or wash a pair of boots if needed, so we wanted something large, but still have enough countertop space on either side.

As for the faucet, we wanted something that had a high neck so we can fill a water pot or bucket if needed – remember, “utility bathroom”. At the last minute, literally, 10 minutes before the plumbers showed up, we ran to Lowe’s and picked out this faucet (for $128). Ideally, I’d love to find a faucet that was small (not kitchen size), a tad tall, single hole, with sprayer. This one is the closest thing we could find with that wish list, so thinking we could always get a simple spray adapter to use for the “utility” needs, we decided to go ahead and buy it.

So, basically, as something was done to the kitchen or laundry room, we just put in a tad more work and money, and tacked on the half bath. When it’s all said and done, the final price tag on the entire half bathroom will probably end up being less than if we were to do the bathroom at another time when we weren’t in the thick of a kitchen renovation. Saving money is always a good thing.

Obviously, the half bathroom isn’t “done done” (as Greg calls it) just yet. We still have to find a mirror, light fixture, window treatments, wall art, a toilet paper holder of some sort, and accessories. AKA: the fun part!

As for wall art, my mom bought me this set of book cover post cards from Anthropologie a while back and I’ve been dying to use them in the house somewhere. My first thought was in the guest room, but I think they would look really cool framed in simple black frames in a grid pattern on the wall behind the toilet.

Now the hard part is going to be narrowing down the 100 postcards to 9! As for the rest of the decor… the framed book covers will add some quirky fun and serve as a great pop of color. I want to find a mirror with a thin(ish) black frame to tie in with the frames I’m planning to use for the book covers and the dark cabinet hardware. A black mirror will also really stand out against the blue walls.

Even though this bathroom renovation is guilty by association, we’re really happy about how things are shaping up. It’s already done a complete 180 from what it was, but just a few more details and we’re well on our way to yet another “done done” bathroom.

We promise we didn’t fall off the face of the earth! We put things on pause last week to spend time with Ash’s family in Florida. But we’re back and the kitchen backsplash is just about considered to be “done done”. After the countertop guys rolled out, the tile guys rolled in. While they were working, the plumbers came by to hook up the sinks in the kitchen and the half bath. At one point, there were five workers in our kitchen… at one time! Yes, it was a bit of a mad house, but it was all in the name of sweet, sweet progress. Here’s a few iPhone shots taken during the madness process…

tile backsplash instillation

You may notice one design element we haven’t talked about yet: the wall of subway tile. Ash decided to continue the subway tile around the corner and over the entire wall. I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about having so much subway tile. But so far, I’m loving the outcome and really glad Ashley convinced me it would be “so awesome”. As for Ash, she can’t help but squeal every time she walks through the kitchen.

tile backsplash instillation

Oh, and a bonus shot! Here’s the new countertop and vanity in the half bath in the laundry room. You can really get a good look at the countertop…

So, yes. The light is certainly at the end of the tunnel.

Btw, our hall bathroom renovation made it to Apartment Therapy! Click here to check it out…

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