For a very long time, 14 months to be exact, the half bathroom has been the most neglected room in the house. It remained untouched and definitely unwanted – though it did serve as a great “paint brush cleaning sink” while we were busy painting every other wall in the house.

As with the kitchen’s before photos, the half bath looked much better in photos than it was in person. Overall, it was dark and depressing. It also had the shortest vanity ever – okay, well maybe not ever, but it coming in at around 28″, was far too short for my 6’7″ husband. Lucky for us, the half bathroom has become a project by association…

When we decided to replace the tile floor in the laundry room, we knew that meant replacing the floor in the half bath as well and it didn’t make logical sense to lay down new flooring around a vanity we knew we hated and wanted to replace. So out went the vanity! Cue the Hallelujah chorus! 

Knowing that we needed a vanity, we decided to tack on an additional cabinet to the kitchen cabinet order (to the tune of around $500). Before the vanity was installed (along with the rest of the kitchen), Greg got busy patching up the big gaping hole that was mysteriously behind the mirror that hung on the wall, and painting the walls the same color as the laundry room (Martha Stewart’s Artesian Well #MSL117). Shortly after the vanity was in place, the new countertop was installed (on the same day as the kitchen countertops). Because we ordered such large pieces of countertop for the kitchen, we were able to get the half bathroom countertop at remnant price coming in around $300. From what we gathered from quotes from other companies, this was a really good price. When the plumbers came to hook up the new kitchen sink, they also hooked up the half bath. I guess you could say it all happened kind of like a snowball effect.

Oh, and the sink. I tell you, we LOVE this sink! It took us forever to pick out the right one, but we finally came across this one from Kohler (for $228). It’s 24″ x 16″ and about 7″ deep (plus the thickness of the countertop). We plan on using this bathroom as a “utility bathroom” – meaning it’s where we’ll give Bentley a bath or wash a pair of boots if needed, so we wanted something large, but still have enough countertop space on either side.

As for the faucet, we wanted something that had a high neck so we can fill a water pot or bucket if needed – remember, “utility bathroom”. At the last minute, literally, 10 minutes before the plumbers showed up, we ran to Lowe’s and picked out this faucet (for $128). Ideally, I’d love to find a faucet that was small (not kitchen size), a tad tall, single hole, with sprayer. This one is the closest thing we could find with that wish list, so thinking we could always get a simple spray adapter to use for the “utility” needs, we decided to go ahead and buy it.

So, basically, as something was done to the kitchen or laundry room, we just put in a tad more work and money, and tacked on the half bath. When it’s all said and done, the final price tag on the entire half bathroom will probably end up being less than if we were to do the bathroom at another time when we weren’t in the thick of a kitchen renovation. Saving money is always a good thing.

Obviously, the half bathroom isn’t “done done” (as Greg calls it) just yet. We still have to find a mirror, light fixture, window treatments, wall art, a toilet paper holder of some sort, and accessories. AKA: the fun part!

As for wall art, my mom bought me this set of book cover post cards from Anthropologie a while back and I’ve been dying to use them in the house somewhere. My first thought was in the guest room, but I think they would look really cool framed in simple black frames in a grid pattern on the wall behind the toilet.

Now the hard part is going to be narrowing down the 100 postcards to 9! As for the rest of the decor… the framed book covers will add some quirky fun and serve as a great pop of color. I want to find a mirror with a thin(ish) black frame to tie in with the frames I’m planning to use for the book covers and the dark cabinet hardware. A black mirror will also really stand out against the blue walls.

Even though this bathroom renovation is guilty by association, we’re really happy about how things are shaping up. It’s already done a complete 180 from what it was, but just a few more details and we’re well on our way to yet another “done done” bathroom.