Greg and I are self-proclaimed TV/movie buffs. When it comes to movies, I like the black and white classics. Greg’s more on the sci-fi, adventure side of the spectrum. Though one genre where we meet in the middle is the spy, espionage, covert operations type movies. Love them! As far as TV shows go, we both watch a little bit of everything. We definitely each have our favorites, but we always take turns watching what the other one wants to watch. If I had a dollar for every Dr. Who episode I’ve had to sit through… Then again, he’s awesome enough to sit with me through episodes of Parenthood and Revenge. Which, actually brings me to today’s post…

Today we’re talking Revenge. Ever since the pilot aired, I’ve been gawking over the set design. Especially when it comes to the Grayson mansion…

famous tv houses

Gorgeous, right? It’s like Ina Garten‘s house on steroids. Well, I’m sorry to say that it’s not real. Yep, even though it’s very indicative of the “common” Hamptons home, the exterior of the Grayson’s is computer generated. The same thing is not to be said about the interior, though. Well, sort of. The pilot was filmed in an actual home located in North Carolina. Later on (I’m guessing when ABC picked up the show), a team of ultra-talented set designers recreated the home’s interiors on a soundstage. Real house or not, the Grayson’s Hamptons mansion is full of some serious eye candy. So much eye candy that I have taken many a photo of the TV screen! Yes, Greg thinks it’s weird too.

Starting in the foyer… Check out the massive amounts of woodwork! This house is fuuuuull of it! Even though there is a whole lot of WHITE, the dark hardwood floors, doors, and window panes help ground the sea of white trim and really balances everything out. Love it!

Through the foyer is a lofty living room. I love this shot because you can see the high, interior windows really well. Because of this show, 1,000 foot ceilings and interior windows have been added to my “Dream Home Must Have List”.

I love, love, love the light fixtures in the dinning room and kitchen. They have huge glam factor, but still have a natural vibe to them. After some Google-ing, I found that they are by Oly. The extra large one above the dining table retails for $3,200 (check it out here).

revenge grayson kitchen lighting

Again, I’m really digging the black window panes and doors. I kind of, sort of wish I could get away with that here at our house, haha. Maybe if they were a little more lofty, but our 8′ high ceilings don’t make it on the “lofty” spectrum.

This chair in the Grayson’s living room is kind of like “Queen Victoria”‘s perch. Whenever she sits here, she’s either plotting her next move to derail Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp from Brothers & Sisters), planning a glitzy gala. About a year and a half ago, I saw a this identical chair at Home Goods. Yes, Home Goods! Since watching the show, every time I go to Home Goods, I look for another “throne” but I’m sure they’re always snatched up pretty quickly – IF they even have any circulating anymore. When you type “Revenge” in Google, one of the suggestions is “Revenge Victoria’s chair”. Apparently a lot of people agree that it’s a great statement piece. Oh, and check out this post from Hooked on Houses. Julia hunts down a similar chair and has a lot more info about the show’s set too!

As for the house’s master bedroom, like the rest of the house, it’s full of yet some more beautiful white woodwork. It has a nice color pallet of warm yellows, light blues, and medium browns. Like a lot of the set, it’s identical to the house it’s based on, so you can get a better idea of what the rest of the bedroom looks like in this magazine feature of the house the set was based on.

The fictional Grayson mansion is complete with a pool house, which is the living quarters of their twenty-something son Daniel (hence the mess in the below photo). Rather different from the light and airy main house, it’s full of dark blues, rich brown accents, and concrete floors – yet, with it’s fair share of gorgeous white moldings. You can barely see it, but on the back wall near the entry, is a grouping of artwork that has a few nautical maps and a cool dog silhouette piece. Every time I see it, it reminds me of how I really want to do a silhouette of Bentley one day.

I really like the deep blue painted paneling paired with the bright white woodwork…

Not only do the set designers really know how to decorate, but they also now how to throw a good party! In pretty much every episode, it seems like the Graysons are hosting some kind of charity or political function. Every event is decked out in a specific color scheme and of corse there is always a lot of drama for entertainment. These pictures really don’t do them justice but here are a few…

Charity event on the yacht, anyone?

And my favorite “get together” they’ve had so far: the “low key” clam bake Emily put together for Daniel’s birthday. She (meaning the set designers) had a tent on the beach complete with white sheers, little white lights, over-sized topiaries, yellow and green flower arrangements, candles, blue checkered table cloths and lots of natural/rustic elements. My idea of a clam bake! 

Looking for a little Revenge? Here’s a few easy upgrades that can bring some Hamptons to your space…

revenge victoria's chair

1. Greenhouse Chandelier from Ballard Designs 2. Large Atlantis Clam Shell from Z Gallerie, 3. Thurston Wing Chair (in Document Brown) from Ballard Designs 4. Montclair Mirror from Z Gallerie 5. Faux Driftwood Horse from Z Gallerie 6. Antique Mercury Glass Table Lamp from Pottery Barn

So what do you think about the Grayson’s Hamptons mansion? Love it or leave it? Do you take photos of the tv screen too? Please don’t tell me I’m alone, haha! Btw, if you are a Revenge fan too, check out their new production blog here. It’s really cool!