7th House on the Left

I’m 26-years-old and I still watch the Disney Channel. Don’t hate. In fact, it’s on so much at our house that the TiVo now automatically records Disney Jr’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I guess that stems from the fact that my whole family loves all things Disney (all of my married cousins have gone to Disney World for their honeymoons), and I spent pretty much my entire childhood watching Disney Channel shows. All the way from Tail Spin and Chip ‘N Dale to Rescue Rangers,  MMC, Boy Meets World, Even Stevens, to Lizzie McGuier. I totally had a crush on Shia LaBeouf before he was cool.

One of my favorite Disney shows these days is Good Luck Charlie. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s revolves around the Duncan family: Amy/Mom (a nurse), Bob/Dad (an exterminator), PJ, Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie. In each episode, Teddy (the oldest Duncan daughter) records a video diary for Charlie (the “surprise baby” of the family) when she gets older with advice about being a teen in the Duncan family. Not only is the show actually pretty funny, but the set design is awesome.

Throughout the entire set, they have a great, eclectic, not-so-matchy-matchy color pallet. I love the mixture of the turquoises, greens, yellows, oranges, and browns. It’s unexpected, super bright, and makes for “good TV”. Around the house, you’re sure to spot a lot of pieces from Jonathan Adler, Crate and Barrel and Target.

The set also has loads of interesting textures and patterns all over the place. There’s a stone fireplace in the seating area in the back of the living room, sections of wainscoting, and even a few shingled walls here and there. You’ll also notice a lot of insect-related accessories, like the art on the wall next to the stairs and the brown/white throw pillow on the sofa. At first you might think that’s kind of weird, but the dad on the show is an exterminator. A cute and clever way to bring work home.

Like the living room, the kitchen has a definite eclectic vibe. One of my favorite features of the kitchen is the large windows. The chalkboard refridgerator is pretty cool too. Every show they have different stuff written on it, like to-do’s, chore checklists for the kids, and family activity ideas.

Though, I think over time the chalk dust might get to my inner clean freak, but it’s a cool feature for this kitchen. My favorite feature is the huge reclaimed wood island. The wood tone is similar to the floor, so it blends in really nicely, but it’s still large enough to make a big statement.

One of my favorite rooms in the house is the basement. None of the houses my family owned growing up had basements, so I’ve always thought finished basements were awesome.

I like this one a lot because it has awesome “bones”. I love the exposed brick walls, wood beams, the chalkboard wall and not to mention the huge barn door! Love me some barn doors.

On the other side of the big barn door is Teddy’s room (my favorite bedroom of the four Duncan kids). I had some pretty fun rooms growing up (Especially when my mom let me trade in my queen bed for an Ikea futon… I thought I was awesome!), but I would have loved to have a set up like this! Particularly, the bed being on a raised platform.

The room is kind of like PB Teen meets a well-doodled notebook with a dash of Jonathan Adler. Notice the JA pillows on her bed and pottery on the bookshelf?

And no Around the House feature is complete without a mood board. Here’s my take on the Duncan’s abode:

1. Jonathan Adler Dachshund Figurine / as seen in Teddy’s room ($88) | 2. Letter Pillow / as seen in Teddy’s room ($110) | 3. Orange Chick Candleholder ($7.99) | 4. Insect Collection Illustration ($9.99) | 5. Wynn Bench-Cushion Sofa in Vance Teal ($2,299) | 6. Iron and Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table ($1173.75) | 7. Chloe Chair in Citrine ($999) | 8. Gelato Frames in Lemon ($12.99-$14.00) | 9. Key Turquoise by Suzane Sharp as seen in living room ($5,000) | 10. Format Orange Tray / as seen in living room ($39.95)

How about you… Are you loving the house of Good Luck Charlie too? Do you still watch the Disney Channel? It’s okay. You’re not alone ; )

The images above were taken by me of the tv screen (I’m a dork like that) from the following episodes: Meet the Parents, Teddy’s Little Helper, and Battle of the Bands

“What’s this, a post on a Thursday?!”, you say? Yep, we hope you’re tuning in, even though this isn’t normally considered a “blogging day”, because we’d like to pick your brains for a second and ask  you a question… When you’re shopping for new art prints for  your space, what size(s) do you generally look at?

We realize there might be a a lot of “Well, it depends on what it is” and/or “Depends on where it’s going in my house.” So I guess you could rephrase the question to be, “If you were to buy art for your place today, what size print would you buy?”. Some people prefer large pieces of art as opposed to smaller ones and vice versa but we want to know what your thoughts are about art sizes in your home.

We’re asking because we’re in the midst of adding a bunch of new art to the store. At the moment, Etsy doesn’t have a way to list multiple sizes of one item without listing each size/type individually. So rather than having a bunch of different listings for a bunch of different sizes (which may result in a lot of confusing listings) we thought we’d try to find out the most popular sizes among our “target audience” (aka you guys!) and go from there. Make sense? We hope so! Otherwise, we would just sound like crazy people. Well, we are in fact a little crazy.

So, what say you? Are 8×10’s your jam? Or do you like larger prints like 11×17’s and 24×36’s? Or even larger? Or do you like dainty prints in the 5×7 family?

Photo from Real Simple

One of the rooms in the house that’s currently on the “back burner” is the master bedroom…

At this point, we don’t really have a plan for this room. And being a “planner”, that bugs the living daylights out of me. All I know at this point is we really like the dresser, but I’m not digging our bed these days. I like it, but it’s a tad too traditional for me (I think) and it’s really high. And before you ask, we already have a low-profile box-spring on it, and there’s no way to cut down the legs without making it look weird. The lamps have got to be Craigslisted. Though we love the wall color, the room needs more color… the list of things to do goes on and on. But enough about what we want to change. I’m sure that will be another post entirely when we’re actually ready to tackle it. Regardless, we’re hoping to do something with it soon – even if it’s just hang some art on the walls.

There are so many things I want to do with this room, but my “vision” for it changes every week. One week, I want to go “Restoration Hardware-esque” and the next, I’m talking “Domino modern”. When I asked Greg what he wanted, he said a Downton Abbey-style estate room, but since gold-embossed leather wallpaper is currently out of the budget, he says he’s happy as long as it has bed. Our styles definitely tend to conflict a bit from time to time, but I’m sure we’ll end up with something we both like – something we’re in the progress of doing throughout the rest of the house.

Yesterday, I was browsing the Nate Berkus Show website and came across this fun Bedroom Design Personality Quiz. We don’t get the show here in Richmond (boo!), so I count on the website to keep updated. Greg and I both enjoy a good quiz so we took it for a spin:

Apparently, I’m a Purist. At first, I wasn’t too sure if my results were accurate, but then I had to remind myself this was a design personality quiz and not necessarily a style quiz. When I think about it, I do like the idea of mixing soft upholstery with bold colors. I also love layering accessories, trays, books, etc. – especially in a bedroom. One part that was definitely dead on was the bed. I’m all about layered bedding and tufted headboards. Ideally, I’d like the bed to look like a crisp white sea of high-end (yet comfy) linens. That, my friend, would be awesome.

Nate pegged Greg as a Collector. Greg and I agree: this description couldn’t be more spot-on! First of all, Greg really likes a room that appears to have evolved over time. He also has a thing for vintage and antique pieces. I mean, come on, the boy wants to live at Downton Abbey! You can’t get anymore “antique” than that. The note about meaningful books and personal photos hit the nail on the head. Despite being a computer geek, Greg loves the feel of a good book in his hands. He says turning pages just isn’t as fun on a screen. He’s also pretty sentimental, so accessories that have a personal story behind them are pretty important, as well. Who knew a 4-question quiz could be that dead on?

Hopefully one day soon, when the other projects begin to wrap up, we’ll get around to putting together a mood board to tie in each of our ideas of the “perfect” bedroom. I’m sure we’ll go back and forth a bit before we find something that suits both our tastes, but we’ll be sure to let you guys know as soon as we do!

Click on over and take the quiz – it’s only 4 short questions! What were your results? Were they accurate?