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Today we’ve got a great giveaway from ErinCondren.com! I’ve been a big, big fan of their products for a while, and I am so excited to be sharing one of my obsessions favorites with you. The super-nice folks at ErinCondren.com are giving one lucky a reader a $100 gift card!

ErinCondren.com is jam-packed with all sorts of personalized goodies, including calendars, planners, invitations, iPhone cases, note pads, address labels, call me cards, gift wrap and even school supplies. Now, if  you’ve been reading the blog for a while,  you know how I love a good notebook (hence the blog design!). Give me a new notebook and a few fine-point Sharpies, and I’m one happy camper. Organization is priceless, and it makes the world go ’round. A good, handy, personalized notebook will keep you organized and helps you have fun while doing it. That being said, meet the mac daddy of all notebooks

Pretty awesome, right? Oh, and good news… they ship worldwide! That means this giveaway is open to everyone under the sun! Holla!

Here’s the part where we tell you to leave a comment… but instead, we’re switching it up a little and test driving a new (and hopefully improved) way to enter giveaways. To enter the giveaway, either log in with your Facebook account or enter your email address (as always, your information is kept private). Once you’re logged in, you’ll be shown the entry requirements set by yours truly. Click the “Do it!” button, answer the question and click “Enter!”.  Now that you’ve entered, you’ll see some optional entry options. To gain additional entries and increase your chances of winning the prize, you can do one or all of them. Go ahead, give it a whirl…

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So are you a fan, new or old, of ErinCondren.com? Do you have a notebook obsession too? Oh, and if you have any questions/comments/rants/praises about the new giveaway system, let us know! We’d love to hear what you think!

It’s Friday (woot woot!)! I’ve got a fun mood board to throw your way and we’re keepin’ it in the family…

Meet Danny and Sarah! Danny is my cousin and Sarah just so happens to be one of my very nearest and dearest childhood friends. Yes, a fab arrangement! They met at my 17th birthday party and have been together ever since. Fast forward 10 years and they’re now married, living happily ever after in sunny California and have the two most adorable kids in the world, Elliott and Nora. So, technically, since they met at my birthday party, I’m totally responsible for the two most adorable kids in the world, right? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Last week, Sarah took the kids to visit her family here in Virginia. While she was gone, Danny decided he wanted to surprise her with an early Mother’s Day present and totally revamp their apartment’s living room. Talk about an awesome Mother’s Day present, huh ladies!?  They had been talking back and forth about what they wanted to do with the living room for a while, but Danny thought now was a good time to take the plunge. I was so very excited when I was called in to join the fun and help pull their vision together! After all, who loves putting together mood boards? This girl.

I’ve mentioned a few times about how much my family loves all things Disney. Well, Danny and Sarah are indeed a part of our Disney Crew. Actually, we called ourselves the “Indy Crew”. When Danny, our cousins Dana and Darin and I were little, we’d play Indiana Jones. Danny was Indiana and Darin was Jones. Dana was the kid (Short Round) and sometimes the villain – wherever the story took us. I was Marion – who I often mistakenly called “Maid Marian”. Wrong movie, Ash. Okay, back on topic! Growing up, it seemed like we lived, breathed, and played Disney 24/7 so it’s no wonder it has trickled into our adult lives.

Being Disney geeks, Danny and Sarah are huge fans of the one and only Mary Blair. Back in the day, she was one of the leading producers of art and animation for the Walt Disney Company and worked on all of the classics such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan. She also created the characters for the It’s A Small World ride. Her work is phenomenal and definitely jam packed with inspiration. Fun fact for fellow Disney World lovers: Mary Blair is the artist behind the huge mural you see at the Contemporary Resort. Yet another fun fact: It includes a hidden 5-legged goat.

Needless to say, this was a mood board that I was super excited to delve into. Danny and Sarah wanted something fun, whimsical, modern and oozing with Mary Blair-ness. Here’s what I came up with:

1. The Color Palette – Danny said that Sarah loved purple. So, why not? We’re talking bold, bright, whimsical and colorful Mary Blair, right? So purple walls it would be! Paint will totally transform a room and going from “builder beige” to a deep and pretty purple was sure to pack a punch. He ended up using Valspar’s Good Plum (#95114). Their existing sofa is lime green, so that played a big role in the color scheme. Adding white accents and touches of gray throughout the room really help ground the rest of the bright colors.

2. Gallery Wall – Oh, how I love gallery walls. The plan here was to create a gallery wall over the sofa using pages from a Mary Blair coffee table book and black and white photos of the kids. It’s a perfect way to bring in a little bit of Mary Blair herself (without having to sell a kidney) as well as the kids’ freakishly adorable faces. Since the Mary Blair photos were packed with color, making the kid’s photos black and white helped them stand out more but not compete with the awesome Mary Blair photos. At first, I thought the Ribba frames would be the ticket, but Danny said he thought the Virserum frames were more “Mary Blair-ish” and he was totally right. The beveled edge brought a lot more detail and looked more whimsical. To make it easier for Danny when he was shopping at Ikea, I went ahead and designed the gallery wall layout:

I also lettered them according to frame size to make putting them in place a lot less complicated: a) 8×10  b) 11×15.75  c) 5×7  d) 4×6

3. Kappa Ceiling Light – Even though their living room has a huge floor to ceiling window, the room needed ample lighting. This light fixture, coming in at only $30!, did just the trick.

4. Karlstad Sectional – This is Danny and Sarah’s existing sofa. I’m pretty sure it’s not available in this color anymore (at least it isn’t on the website). It’s bright lime green color is perfect for a Mary Blair-inspired environment and looks awesome against a bold purple wall.

5. Owl Bookends – These bookends are from ZGallerie. When I made this moodboard, just last week, they were on their website. But now they aren’t anywhere to be found. Hopefully they are just temporarily unavailable because they are so stinking cute. UPDATE: These are now back online and in stock! Yay! Thanks, Stephanie! The bright white will stands out against the purple walls and is a fun place to keep the kid’s books. The owl also reminded me a lot of Sleeping Beauty – yet another Disney film Mary Blair worked on.

6. Dining Set – For the new space, a new dining set was in order. Bringing in some honey wood tones, like this dining chair, I felt would really warm up the space. Update: they ended up going with this dining set!

7. White Stockholm Bowl – I think this bowl screams Mary Blair! Can you hear it? It’s organic yet graphic at the same time and makes a big statement for only $20 bucks. It’s almost so pretty, you wouldn’t want to put anything in it.

8. Knipsa Basket – In an apartment, storage is key. A few of these baskets would offered up some extra toy storage. They also add some interesting texture and are a similar tone to the new dining set.

9. Malin Figur Curtains – I love these curtains! When I saw them, I literally said “these are it!”. Like the Stockholm bowl, they just scream Mary Blair. The colors were perfect too. The greens and purples weren’t too matchy matchy to the wall color and sofa and the gray helps ground all of the bright/bold colors. A win win!

After I emailed the moodboard to Danny, he literally hit the ground running. Shoot, I had the easy part! Enough talk, you want to see how it turned out, don’t you? Well, you’re in luck! Before I show you the after, here’s the photo Danny sent me the day before Sarah left for Virginia…

A gallon of paint, more than a few shopping trips, a bunch of phone calls and a million picture messages later, here’s the photo he sent me the night before she got home!

Such a huge difference, right?! The room before didn’t have any overhead lighting. Danny rigged a the light fixture and ran the wire taught to the ceiling (towards the window so it wasn’t noticeable from the front door), ran it to the window frame, over to the corner and down the wall. It’s so seamless, it looks like it’s hard-wired.

As for Sarah, she LOVES it and is planning a trip back to Virginia next month so Danny can start work on the master bedroom. Kidding. Seriously though, Danny did such a great job honing in on Sarah’s style. He knows her so well! Yeah, I put the mood board together, sure, but Danny led me in the direction he knew Sarah would want and he made the calls. As I told Sarah, he said “no” to the sparkle rainbow butterfly decals. Kidding again.

So what do you think? Love you some Mary Blair flair? Have the sudden urge to plan a trip so your husband can get to work on a room in your house?

Mary Blair images from here and here.

I was up late last night organizing my office, top to bottom. It’s a work in progress but I’m hoping to be finished by this weekend. Pretty and functional organization takes time. Over the past few days, I’ve made many a trip to Staples. Mainly for the Martha Stewart Home Office line. It’s addicting. Truly and honestly addicting. Before the MS line debut at Staples, I could easily spend an hour in there pawing through the Sharpies, Post-It Notes, and notebooks. But now, oh brother! We won’t even go there.

martha stewart home office

One of my favorite new things are these adhesive metal bookplates. I used them on my “Right Hand” notebook (here) and the baking jars in the kitchen (here). Ever since, I can’t stop using them. They’re a great way to label your goods stylishly and effortlessly. I picked up five a few packs yesterday to dress up my office storage furniture (more about that here). A labeled office makes a happy office, right? The only problem was that the office furniture is white and I didn’t think the silver bookplates would really stand out much. So, I turned to the number one weapon in the DIYer’s arsenal: spray paint.

I ended up using chalkboard spray paint. I have plenty of it on hand right now (due to a weekend project coming up) and it has a great flat black finish, which is what I wanted, so it fit the bill. I kept the bookplates on their “sticker paper” and lightly spritzed 2 coats of paint. They are pretty small, so it didn’t take much paint at all. Some of the paint bubbled on the surrounding “sticker paper”, but everything stayed put on the bookplates themselves. Chalkboard spray paint dries really fast, so the entire process only took about 15 minutes, including drying time.

Insert a few labels I made on the computer and we’re good to go! I really love how the now flat black bookplates stand out on the white wood.

It’s exactly the look I was going for and now I’m even more giddy about getting this “Project: Office Organization” ball rolling.

Do you have any favorite organizing products? Are you addicted to the Martha Stewart Home Office collection too? You are definitely not alone.