Greg and I had a doozy of a weekend. We set out to tackle our major to-do list which consisted of boring stuff like filing, blog maintenance, getting the oil changed, clearing off the patio, etc. Just when we were about done… it’s Monday. Ugh.

Nevertheless, over the course of our ultra busy weekend, I managed to finally finish unpacking my office stuff and load the final pieces into the new storage furniture (more on those here). One of the things I wanted to keep in the tall storage cabinet is a set of my favorite and most referenced books. The only problem was that I needed a bookend. Rather than going out and buying a set of bookends, when I only needed one, I put on my thinking cap and decided to make one.

I grabbed one of the extra bricks we have stacked up next to the carport and wrapped it with a piece of scrapbook paper. Yes, so simple it’s stupid. Since it looked like a plain gray box, I thought it needed something a little extra. I ordered a vinyl number 7 (for $5) from the go-to queen of vinyl, Shelley, over at The House of Smiths.

I followed her easy instructions and instantly had a one-of-a-kind, personalized bookend. Yes, a ridiculously simple solution. My favorite kind.

A full “Storage Cabinets: Cribs Style” post is coming your way on Wednesday, but until then, here’s a sneak peak – and what the new bookend looks like in the newly organized cabinet:

martha stewart living craft furniture

Since a post is always 100% better with a cute photo of a furry animal, here’s a shot of Bentley basking in the sunlight on the patio this weekend…

He thinks he’s hot stuff.