While going through renovations (or just everyday life) walls are bound to get nicked, scratched and scuffed. For this reason, we’ve been finding ourselves frequently lugging cans of paint in and out of the attached storage shed (which is insulated, and therefore safe for paint storage).

While I was at the grocery store the other day, I spotted these cute 4 oz Ball Jelly Jars. Being on an organization kick lately, I figured I’d find something to do with them and they were only $8 for 12 jars. So in my cart they went! When I got home, I immediately knew what we’d use them for. Touch up paint!

We “canned” the paint colors for each room in the house (which only totals up to three paint colors) along with the paint we used for the trim, front door and the kitchen cabinet touch up paint that Lowe’s gave us when our cabinets were installed.

Even though the jars are clear and you can see what color the paint is without opening it, I labeled each jar with the important information including the color (and the color code if it had one), brand, finish and where in the house we used it. I didn’t have any sticker labels on hand, so I just printed the information on card stock then traced the lid around the information and cut it out. Then placed it between the lid and the metal screw band. I actually like this option better than stickers because I can easily change it down the road if I need to for some reason rather than dealing with annoying sticker residue.

They’re almost pretty enough to display, aren’t they?! But for now we are keeping them in the laundry room tool drawer. It’s so nice to have the paint easily on hand. I’ve even been finding myself looking to scratches to touch up! : )