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August 2012

His + Her Favorite Things


Before we get to our favorite things, I wanted to show you guys what I was up to yesterday… and why my fingers are currently a light shade of teal. Yesterday was Greg’s birthday, and he hates making a big fuss over it (unlike me!), so we just went out to dinner with his family and came back to the house to eat cake and play cards.Β If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’re probably well aware that…

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Dead Ringer Deals


The Look for Less  |  7th House on the Left

While I was at Tuesday Morning the other day (the same day I scored the topiaries for the front door), I witnessed one of those mega man-I-wish-I-would-have-that deals. It was an awesome queen headboard; a tall, gorgeous beauty with beige linen fabric with brushed nickel nail-head detail for $230. I really wanted to take a photo of it, but I’m pretty sure she would have thought I was crazy! It looked familiar, but it wasn’t until I got home later…

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Carport + Patio Shopping + Thrifting


Faux Topiary  |  7th House on the Left

I’ve always loved topiaries by the front door of a house. It’s just “one of those things” right up there with white hydrangea and yummy-smelling candles. As I’ve mentioned before, my parents live right across the street from us, and I lived in that house since I was 10 years old. I remember thinking when I got older – and actually started paying attention to things like interior design and landscaping – that the house across the street would look…

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Mad About Hue


Out of the entire color wheel, yellow is the happiest color of them all. When I think “yellow”, my mind goes to happy things like sunshine, fresh-squeezed lemonade, sunflowers, the Yellow Brick Road on The Wizard of Oz, New York City taxis and the old school “Mellow Yellow” Gap commercial. Yellow is known to have the ability to stimulateΒ the nervous system, activate memory and encourage communication. Here are a few other fun facts about yellow: In the early 1900’s, taxi…

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****THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES**** Scroll down to the giveaway widget to see who won! If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, by now you know that I’m a huge fan of organization products. To me, a perfectly organized drawer is like Christmas morning. So needless to say, today’s giveaway has me pretty giddy… Meet the DrawerDecor system by KMN Home! You know when you organize a drawer, put everything in the perfect place only to…

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