You guys remember me talking about our “lovely” patio furniture in this post, right?…

…Well, it’s about to get a serious facelift! We’ve had this set since we lived in our apartment. Down the road, we’d like to get a new set of outdoor furniture (maybe something like this), but until then, we decided to spruce up what we have. The set has held up really, really well and is still like brand new! On the other hand, the orangey-beige wasn’t working for us and definitely not getting along with our bricks. So, it needed a facelift. Badly!

For this transformation, we turned to our favorite tool and the easiest and fastest way to transform virtually anything… spray paint! The patio furniture is made out of plastic-ish resin that looks and feels a ton like wicker. We wanted to make sure the paint would adhere to the wanna-be-wicker surface, so we chose Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Cover Primer to get things started. The can says it covers plastic and wicker, so we were in good shape. As for the top coat/color, we went with Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch in Satin Espresso. Both the primer and the paint cans say one can equals two. Knowing that we have a lot of “wicker” to spray paint, we had hopes of this feature helping us out in the long run.

First, we removed dust, dirt and any various “outdoor residue” from the furniture by spraying it down with the water hose and dried them off with a “project towel”. Once everything was dry, it was time for primer! The primer went on really well and took a lot less time than we expected (yay for time savers!). Almost two cans later, the furniture was all primed! We let it dry for about an hour and moved on to the Espresso.

Now, this step seemed like it took foooooorever. The wicker-esque furniture has a bajillion tiny grooves and crevices that can be seen from pretty much any angle. Just when you think you have a piece finished, you look at it from another angle and you see a sea of the original orangey-beige. Now and then, we had to just step away from it for a few minutes to get a different perspective – and to give our hands a rest. When it was all said and done, we emptied 5 cans of spray paint. Good thing this paint has double coverage, right?

About an hour after the last coat, the furniture was dry enough to handle – but still not quite dry enough to sit on. I couldn’t resist bringing all the pieces over their new resting place in the carport. We played around with a few arrangements but kept on coming back to having the love seat centered on the fireplace wall facing the two chairs and side table with the coffee table in the middle. Truth be told, I’ll probably switch it up about a hundred times before we’re ready to style and prettify everything. Ahh, I can’t wait to get some color in here!!!

Did you notice the new outdoor rug? We picked up this 8’x11′ bad boy at Target (this one). I really like how it’s neutral enough to go with pretty much any style and blends in nicely with the concrete floors (which we’re plaining on refinishing a little later down the road) without being too “bam! in your face”. Though the color is great, the selling point (for me) was the herringbone detail on the edges making the rug a perfect marriage of modern and neutral. The rug immediately helped break up the sea of concrete and defined a designated seating area. It still has some waves in it here and there from being rolled up in the store for so long, but those will fall out within time.

Oh, while we’re talking about the great outdoors, we upgraded our water hose with this fancy shamcy one from Home Goods (for only $12!) and also installed a new hose holder from Lowe’s (this one). Now we just need to do something this that big ugly box known as the air conditioner. Yeah, I can’t live without it, but it sure is ugly to look at. It’s a pretty old unit, yet still works really well, but when it dies and goes to Air Conditioner Heaven, we’re going to install the new one on the side of the house where it can’t be seen from the patio.

So, Phase 2 of the patio makeover is now complete! We’re one step closer to enjoying the upcoming Virginia fall weather out in the new carport turned patio. On to Phase 3! …not completely sure what’s next up on our list, but excited to get started nonetheless.