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September 2012

His + Her Favorite Things


Time for another monthly installment of His + Her Favorite Things. This month, along with our favorite things, you’ll learn what I keep in my cookie jar Tardis, what vegetable changed Ashley’s skin color when she was 3 and what famous house she stopped by while in Connecticut. Oh, come on, you know you’re dying to find out ; ). Without further ado, our favorite things… 1. Roku 2 XD – While I’m definitely a big fan of my TiVo in the living…

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Dead Ringer Deals


We’re back with another edition of Dead Ringer Deals! After tallying up all the responses from our 2nd Annual Reader Survey (Speaking of which, we were floored by the number of responses! Over 300! So thank you, thank you!), we found that you guys really dig this feature. Therefore, it’s here to stay. So, once again, here are a few “dead ringer deals” I’ve come across during my recent furniture browsing. Who doesn’t love a deal?! Or maybe a splurge?…

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Greg's Office


Like Ashley posted on Monday, we spent last Saturday at our semi-local Ikea. Even though we ended up buying some other goods for the house (Who goes to Ikea and leaves with only the things on the list?), our main reason for making the 1.5-hour trip was to pick up six large floating shelves for my office. Since my office is going to have a bit of a modern bent to it, the clean lines and sharp contrast of the…

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Q + A


Q: Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog from another blog (of course, right?) … And have to say how much I love your decorating style. Clean, classic, uncluttered, timeless. I decorate the same way and have been slowly adding in furniture pieces that will last and still be classic and modern for at least the next 10-15 years! I’ve rid my house of anything that I do not love and have been saving and accumulating meaningful pieces. I have a…

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Shopping Trips


Over the weekend, we made the hour and a half trek up 95-North to Ikea and as promised, I’m back to share. Anyone who has been to an Ikea knows that the sea of shelving and good prices can be a tad overwhelming and a whole lot of awesome all at the same time. We invited my mother-in-law to come along because she’d never had the Ikea experience before. Like I was my first Ikea trip, she couldn’t get over…

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