As I mentioned in this His + Her post back in August, I’m kind of addicted to washi tape (also known around the blog world as paper tape). I keep a small bowl of my favorite designs (mostly stripes!) on my desk, and I reach over to use a piece or two a few times a day on average. It’s like an everyday necessity around here – like pens or Post-Its The main thing I love about washi tape is that it’s easily removable on pretty much any surface (even paper!) and doesn’t leave surface residue when you remove it. And… it’s pretty! ; )

A few days ago, I posted a photo on Instagram of my washi tape adorned keyboard (If you’re on Instagram, you can find me at 7thHouseBlog). After just a few minutes, there were 25 “likes”. That being the case, I thought it would be fun to do a quick post on 7 ways I’ve been using my beloved washi tape around the house. You know how we like the number 7 around here. Here we go…

1. iPhone Charger Label – With all of the iPhones in our family, it’s easy to get all of our chargers mixed up. When my little brother is in town, my iPhone charger seems to mysteriously go missing. To tell mine apart from the others, I just put a small piece of washi tape on the block. This will come in especially handy when the holidays roll around. It’s a simple, pretty way to say “mine” and prevent Abram from trying to swipe it. ; ) Psst… The Target brand paper tape is the perfect width for iPhone charger blocks.

2. Easy Gift Wrap – To me, wrapping a gift for someone is just as much fun as picking it out. Is that weird? A few weeks ago, I was wrapping a gift for a friend of ours and realized I didn’t have any bows. Plus, I was mailing it, so even if I had a bow, I wouldn’t want the bow to get smashed during shipping. So, my handy dandy washi tape came into play. It’s fun to create different designs and combine fun patterns.

3. Spruce Up Your Work Space – As I mentioned earlier, I randomly posted this one on Instagram a few days ago. It’s so simple, but it makes typing a little more fun — and pretty. The tape sticks on really well (I’ve had it on my keyboard for over a month!) and it gives the keyboard a quirky custom look. The MT brand washi tape is the perfect width for apple keyboard keys. The smaller keys (like the numbers and function buttons) may need a little trimming, but that can easily be done with a small sharp craft knife.

4. Make an Instant (& Removable) Memo Board – Before the end of the day, my desk is usually full of notes to myself, reminders, clippings, mail that needs to go out and so on. Now, instead of cluttering up my desk, I just use a piece of tape and stick it on the wall next to my desk. It gets the mess off my desk and up on the wall, where I’ll see it and be sure to de-clutter by the end of the week. I guess you could say it keeps my to-dos flowing.  Since I tend to use a lot of tape for this, I like to use Target’s paper tape because it’s less expensive than other brands. You can find it in the Up & Up section of the office supply isle. It’s only $4.99 for  5 rolls.

5. Brown & Barkley Packaging – After a few months of trial and error, I finally found the perfect way to ship our Brown & Barkley prints while keeping them in perfect condition. First, I put the print in a cellophane bag along with a piece of chipboard the same size as the print. Then, I use a few pieces of washi tape to attach the print (and the enclosure card) to a piece of cardboard, also the same size as the print. The washi tape tightly secures the print to the board without leaving any sticky residue on the cellophane. If the customer bought the print as a gift for someone, they can easily lift the tape, remove the enclosure card (which is a thank you card with their name on it) and put the tape back in place. Easy peasy! Can you tell by now that I use the striped tape the most?

6. Dress Up A Notepad –  I use notepads daily. You will literally find them all over our house. I’m a sucker for pretty notebooks, but I like using small notepads to make quick to-do lists or draw out an idea in my head. By adding a piece of washi tape, you can easily customize a notebook, then change out the tape whenever you want to (because it doesn’t leave any residue).

7. Calendar Notes – For important notes in my calendar, I use a piece of washi tape. If plans change, it’s easy to move from one date to another. It’s especially fun to use it for notes like vacations, since you can make it as long or short as you need to.

So, that’s 7 ways I use washi tape on a daily basis. If any of you out there on the other side of the screen have a washi tape obsession as well, be sure to share your favorite uses in the comments!