Alright, it’s about time we call this turkey DONE. The turkey being the kitchen. Now that we have artwork, lighting, and floating shelves, the last two things on the list of to-do’s are counter stools and a window treatment for over the sink. I’m still wanting to edit the accessories here and there, but that will come together when the two final to-do’s are in place.

There haven’t been many changes since we last talked about the kitchen (which was a while ago), except moving the mixer over to the left of the sink, adding the coffee station, and the addition of the red squirrel cookie jar.

I really like having the mixer over in the left corner of the kitchen because it’s out of the way, yet still easily accessible when I want to use it (admittedly, that hasn’t been very often, but I’m hoping to change that in the future). It also fills up the corner quite nicely. Since it looked kind of lonely sitting there all alone, I grouped it with a little faux Ikea plant and a candle. (I love having candles lit around the house at night or on rainy days. It makes everything so cozy.) Since fall is in the air, right now, we also have a tiny white pumpkin.

By moving the mixer, we now have room for a “coffee station”. After months of having the kitchen “sorta done”, we finally got around to buying a coffee maker. We love this coffee maker. Like, love love. It’s Cuisinart’s 12-cup drip brewer and hot water system. The hot water system is what sold us on this baby. We eat a lot of oatmeal around here   and Greg likes the occasional flashback-to-college Ramen noodles, so it comes in really handy. It was originally $120, but was on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for $99. Then I had a 20% off coupon (which I collect in my office like a squirrel stocking up for winter because they let you use expired ones!) and that dropped the price down to $79. A good deal in my book. I talked more about the coffee station (and how I organized everything) in this post over on iHeart Organizing. (Love that blog!)

When I saw this cookie jar at Target, I’m pretty sure I let out an audible “Oooo”. I have a thing for squirrels. We have a lot of them in our area, and I have fun watching from time to time. My family teases me about it a lot, but I’m not a crazy “squirrel watcher” or anything. I just think they’re cute. When I first saw it, I already had a ton of stuff in my cart, and I was trying to be “good”. So, even though I loved it, I passed. I texted a photo of it to Greg later that day and said something to the effect of, “He needs to come home with us!” Without me knowing, Greg went by Target on his way home from work and picked it up along with the matching butter dish. He’s a keeper. So the squirrel cookie jar now sits on the small counter space next to the stove. If I want to clear off the counter for some reason, I just put it in the pantry but I love that it adds some color and personality all in one. I think it would be fun to switch out different cookie jars seasonally, too. I have an antique one from my mom waiting in the wings that I’d love to revamp down the road.

Now… for what’s left on our list. First, a window treatment for over the sink…

Greg and I both like the look of roman shades, so we started there. We didn’t want our window covering to take away from the light fixture. The light is super simple, so the shade needed to be equally simple. Also, neither of us wanted anything white (we have enough of that already). Taking those things into consideration, we wanted to go with something like this…

…but in a darker shade of brown. Image from here. I think it would bring in an interesting texture that could be translated as a smidge rustic (which we both like).

We looked around at Home Depot, Lowe’s and even WalMart, but couldn’t find the finish or color we were looking for. I finally found this shade at JC Penny (or “JCP” as they’re saying on the commercials now) and think it will do just the trick. The inside of dimensions of the window are an odd size (36″x35″), but luckily, they offer custom cut blinds for just a few dollars more. I ordered it last night, and if we like it, we’ll be grabbing a couple for the half bath and laundry room, as well. They should be here sometime week after next, and we’ll be waiting, drill in hand.

Next on the list… bar stools. Growing up, the kitchen island at my grandparents’ house was the place for family cooking, school projects and long chats. It was one of those spots where you’d start talking and realize, three hours later, you’ve been standing the entire time. With that in mind, I want our peninsula to be a comfy place to work on projects, eat a quick lunch or talk for hours with friends and family. We also want the bar stools to tie in with the rest of the kitchen yet go with the (future decorated) living room.

Just for fun, we brought in the chairs from my office to see what a little color would look like…

While we really like the pop of color, we don’t think it’s the right color to be popped. Since the kitchen is completely open to the living room, I’d constantly be needing to tie in the coral bar chairs. Oddly enough, even though these are “counter chairs” instead of “counter stools”, they are actually a pretty comfy height. Even so, we think we need to go with something a little more neutral. So, the hunt is on.

Here are the three counter stools on our “short list”…

1. Rustic Counter Stools from West Elm
Likes:  Rustic wood, dark metal that ties in with the hardware, deep 21″ seat
Dislikes: Too straight? No padding?
Price: $320 for 2

2. Vintage French Cane Counter Stool from Restoration Hardware
Likes: Very comfy, weathered wood, a lot of fabric choices
Dislikes: Too traditional? Too… “French Country”?
Price:  $239 for 1

3. French Bistro Counter Stool from World Market
Likes: Wood tones, looks nice from the back, least expensive of the three
Dislikes: Not so comfy looking?
Price: $139 for 1

I could easily marinate on these for two weeks, but I’m giving myself a deadline of 36 hours to make a decision and place an order. So, Thursday night, time to order some counter stools. Finally, right?!