Today’s post is going to be short and sweet because we’re working on a bunch of loose ends around the house before we host Thanksgiving this week. Stuff like, a bit of touch up paint here and there in the dining room, officially recover the carport from our Home Depot Challenge (which is finished and we can’t wait to share with you once it’s posted over on!), grocery shopping, early table prepping, etc.

Earlier this week, our barstools arrived! I felt like a kid on Christmas. Seriously, we’ve been waiting so long to buy barstools because we couldn’t commit to a style. Now that’s we’ve completely committed to the modern/rustic/hint of quirky vintage look, it finally feels like everything is falling into place (in our heads anyway). I was so excited and anxious about the barstools that I left the room while Greg put them together and didn’t come back in the room until he was done. Is that weird? I’m sure it is, haha. Enough chat, here are the new pretty beauties…

We love them. Love, love. They are the perfect touch of warmth the kitchen needed. The dark metal legs tie in with the ORB hardware throughout the kitchen and helps make the whole look come together.

Since they are in the sunlight in this photo, they look kinda red (especially the one on the right). In person, they are a rich medium/dark brown – which we really love. They are also really comfortable. I was kind of hesitant about the solid wood seat because I wanted them to be comfortable enough for people to be able to sit and chat for hours on end. We could easily fit three stools under the ledge, but I think that would make things too crowded and busy. Two is perfect for us.

The shade for the kitchen window hasn’t come in yet. I have my fingers crossed hoping it will get here before Thanksgiving rolls around. BUT, just in time for Thanksgiving, we have comfy, stylish seating for people to chill out at during the cooking and baking festivities. Yay for semi-impulsive buying!

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FYI We have a fun announcement and a giveaway we’re positive all of you will love coming up on Monday!