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December 2012

House Happenings


We hope everyone had a great week of Christmas fun and awesomeness! This was the first time Greg’s been off work for the entire week of Christmas since we got married, so we had a chance to take some time off and enjoy spending time with our family. Since we took some time off, we have some catching up to do in the post department (including the recipes from our “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” brunch and our monthly installment of…

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Holiday House Happenings Pet Talk


We’re taking a break from gift-opening, gingerbread house-decorating and hot chocolate drinking to wish you all a very happy holiday! We hope you all are having fun with your family and friends and enjoying some time off after the hustle and bustle of this super busy season. We sure are happy to be kicking back and relaxing for a bit! We’ll be back later this week to share more about our Christmas festivities, what Santa brought and a few of…

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Entertaining Holiday


We’re taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the week before Christmas to share the winter brunch we did this past weekend as our latest Target Inner Circle activity (more on the Target Inner Circle here). They gave us a gift card and unleashed us to create our ideal Christmas get together. Greg and I went through a lot of different “party scenarios” in our heads and finally decided on a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” brunch. We ultimately decided…

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Shopping + Thrifting


Q: I live in Zuni, VA — a small town between Suffolk and Petersburg. I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now and wanted to ask you a question. I would love to visit flea markets in or near Richmond, but I don’t know where to go. Do you have any suggestions? … -Brenda A: This question crosses our inbox every now and then, and when we got Brenda’s email yesterday, we thought it was about time to make a post…

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****THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES**** Scroll down to the giveaway widget to see who won! As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Ash and I have partnered with Target to bring you guys a few fun and interesting projects over the next few months (more about that in this post). Later this week, we’ll be sharing our latest Target Inner Circle activity where they asked us to design a Christmas party! Armed with a Target gift card and free…

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