It’s that time again… His + Her Favorite Things! Actually, we’re a little late for this edition because we were thinking about doing these posts quarterly or maybe even retiring them all together. It’s not that we don’t enjoy them – we really do! – we just want to make sure we’re posting content that is fun, fresh and interesting. When we turned back to our reader survey we had a few months ago, though, we were reminded that a bunch of you really love these posts, so we decided to just give the feature a facelift. We’re switching it up a little by refreshing the layout, writing less-wordy descriptions and exploring more “things” like articles we find around the web, activities, etc. So, here we are with our new and improved favorite things!

His Favorite Things  /  7th House on the Left

ONE // Nixon Leather Watch – I’m on the search for a new watch because, sadly, my old one broke to the point where it can’t be repaired. This one is pretty snazzy, had good reviews and on my short list. TWO // Nerd Cave Studio Tour – Andy’s office is a great example of how to create a fun and creative workspace. The area where he works is neat, organized, and minimal, while the nonfunctional space is filled with visual inspiration. I love it! THREE // Robot Bank – Everyone needs a gold robot bank in their office, yes? FOUR // Bounce Doodad Cup – I always seem to have little parts and pieces from computers, guitars, or just general house projects on my desk, and I’m constantly looking for a cool way to keep them from being so disorganized. This seems like a neat solution – and it matched my orange desk drawersFIVE // Wooden Bike Storage – Unfortunately, we don’t have room to hang a huge bike on the wall. However, if we did, this would be a cool, modern way to hang it.

Her Favorite Things  /  7th House on the Left

ONE // Leather Mousepad by Freshly Picked – I bought one of these mouse pads (in gold) a few months ago and it’s currently my favorite thing on my desk. TWO // Stardust Camera Strap – I came across this strap when I found an article about blog photo layouts (which is what our new layout is inspired by) and immediately fell in love with it. Camera + sparkle = love. THREE // Vintage Number Charm Bracelet – I bought this bracelet (though with a #7) for myself for as an anniversary gift from Greg, haha. I also bought… I mean… Greg also bought… a bunch of different charms to go along with it. Yay for sales! FOUR // Recycled Pouf – I’ve had my eye on these for a while but I really like this one because it isn’t one specific color and I could see it going in a lot of different rooms. FIVE // Gold Pig Bookends – I have a serious crush on gold lately. Once we get the shelving up in my office, I’ll be able to display pretty things like this beauty – or would it be “these” beauties…? SIX // Multitude Hair Ties – Forget the usual ponytail holders. These are the best things since sliced bread. They are comfortable and come in a bunch of really cute designs. My favorites are the ones with the gold polka dots.