Happy Friday, everyone! We have a few online happenings we wanted to share with you all before we get our weekend underway…

First up, a few weeks ago, Greg and I had the awesome opportunity to write an article for Target’s online magazine,  A Bullseye View! We were asked to write about our top five Target must-haves for the home. It was SO hard to only pick five! Luckily, we were able to crank out an article without making it our “Top Fifteen Target Must-Haves for the Home”.

7th House on the Left on A Bullseye View

You can check out the entire article right here. To see our names and photos on A Bullseye View was pretty surreal. We probably sound like a broken record, but we’re seriously huge Target fans. So, being a part of the Target Inner Circle is kind of like the Mothership is calling us home.

7th House on the Left on iHeart Organizing

In other online happenings… This year over at iHeart Organizing, Jen is doing a Monthly Organizing Challenge where every month, she tackles a different area of the house. This month is the home office. Going with the home office theme, Jen suggested that I show everyone around my office for my contributor post this month. Even though my office is still a work in progress, the two storage units are the “central hubs” of everything that goes on in there so I kept my post to that area. You can check out the post here.

Last, but not least… there’s a new blog design coming to town!! For the last two months, Greg and I have been working on an updated blog design for 7th House on the Left. It’s not a completely different layout – we still have the notebook design with the sidebar on the right – but it’s definitely a new look. On top of that, Greg is completely redesigning a lot of things under the hood that will help everything run better. We’re still working on the last finishing touches, so we don’t want to share a complete screenshot just yet, but here’s a preview photo I posted on Instagram last night… I just couldn’t wait anymore! 

New Blog Design Preview

Obviously, there’s an Instagram filter on it, so the finished product looks a little different. The new design has a bit more contrast than the current one and it reads as a little “modern rustic” – which is the style we’re evolving into in our house. Since the blog is about our house, we thought it should kind of look like it goes with our house, right? We’re hoping to have the new design switched over next week. So, stay tuned!

This weekend we’re going to be having our noses in our computer screens trying to get the new design up and running. Also known around here as, “crunch time”. For crunch time, I normally bring my laptop into Greg’s office and we spend countless hours at the computers – designing on mine, coding on his. With that comes take out from Cracker Barrel and Bentley amusing himself with a bone for a while. Needless to say, we’ll be happy to see the light of day when the new design is published. If I have time, I might get around to organizing the linen closet… hopefully. I guess we shall see. What are you guys up to this weekend?