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I’m back with another installment of Dead Ringer Deals. With the blog, decorating our house and helping friends and family decorate their spaces, I do a lot of online furniture browsing.It’s fun to spot a good deal but what’s really fun is when you find a what I like to call “dead ringer deal” – something with the same “bones”, using similar materials but at a much lower price. So, if you’re looking for a good deal, or maybe a splurge, here are a few of my current favorite dead ringer deals…

Dead Ringer Deals / 7th House on the Left
Look No 1
 Honeycomb Lantern, Seeded Honey Comb Pendant
Look No 2 Becca Linen Chair, Becca Grey Linen Chair
Look No 3 Fallon Hex Quince Rug, Castleberry Area Rug

As I mentioned in this post, one of our goals for this year is to organize every nook and cranny of the house. Needless to say, a task like this can come across as pretty overwhelming, so we’re starting with baby steps and getting things kicked off with areas of the house we use on a daily basis. Areas like the chest of drawers in the laundry room, the medicine storage, linen closet, the infamous “junk drawers” in the kitchen – you get the gist. We decided to start with the medicine storage.

Vitamin Storage / 7th House on the Left

Up until we tackled this, the Band-Aids and other first aid necessities were in the linen closet in the hallway, the anti-acids were in the bedroom and the Vitamin D and Iron always wound up on my desk. To have everything in one designated spot would be a breath of fresh air. That being said, the first task was to find a place to store everything.

Medicine Cabinet Organization / 7th House on the Left

After a bunch of going back and forth, we realized the best place would be the kitchen. We like to keep things pretty minimal – especially in a work environment like the kitchen. Less is better. We have plenty of unclaimed kitchen cabinet real estate, and this narrow cabinet to the left of the stove (closest to the living room), seemed like a good place. All it was housing was the salt and pepper. Oh, and check out my sweet pink hydrangea Greg got me last week. Love me some hydrangeas.

I started out by dividing all of our medical necessities into categories: First aid, prescriptions/pain relievers, cold/sinus, misc (anti-acids, nausea remedies etc) and vitamins. Needless to say, the vitamins needed to be easy to get to (maybe we’ll actually remember to take them!) so that left four categories for “once in a while”.

Target Paper Rope Baskets / 7th House on the Left

I picked up a few of these small paper rope baskets from Target. Now, let me gush for a second… I love these baskets. I first used them when we organized our coffee station and ever since, they’ve been one of my favorite go-to organizing tools. They are the perfect depth for our upper kitchen cabinets and look pretty spiffy with a bookplate label attached to them. They come with a fabric liner, but for this organizing project, I decided to take them out.

Organized Medicine Baskets / 7th House on the Left

After five or ten short minutes of going through everything, trashing the expired meds and restocking the bandaids, we were one step closer to a designated and organized medicine cabinet.

Organized First Aid Supplies / 7th House on the Left

No, we don’t have any kids. And yes, we totally have Disney Princess and Candy Land Band Aids. It’s amazing how much mental clarity you can gain with just a few baskets, labels and 20 minutes of moving things around. Now that the “stuff” was organized, Greg and I wanted to add more functionality and purpose to the cabinet…

Cork Tiles / 7th House on the Left

I picked up this pack of cork tiles from Michael’s for about $12 – actually, it was only $8 because I had a coupon on my phone. I really liked this cork as opposed to “normal” cork tiles because it was rich in color and had a chunkier texture and thickness – making it easier to pin things onto it.

Cutting Cork / 7th House on the Left

We wanted the cork to fit as perfectly as possible in the inset of the cabinet door, so we had to trim it down. Because of the chunkiness of this particular cork, cutting was a little difficult (and messy). A utility knife probably wasn’t going to cut it, so Greg left the pieces in their cellophane packaging, measured 11.25″ over (the width of the inset of the cabinet) and put a piece of duct tape along the line where it needed to be cut. Once he made sure the tape made a straight line, he cut along the line with a jigsaw. Fast and painless.

Cork-Lined Cabinet for Recipes / 7th House on the Left

Luckily, the cut was clean and perfectly straight. We attached the cork to the cabinet door with a few 3M strips here and there. This way, if we decide to take it down later, the doors aren’t damaged. A strip here, and a strip there and we had a cork-lined cabinet door. Because of the cork’s color and texture, you can barely see the seems which makes it look like one continuous piece. This will be perfect for recipes, notes, grocery lists, etc. I love that just by adding the cork, there’s so much more functionality behind this single cabinet door.

"Tip Jar" and Vitamin Storage / 7th House on the Left

Now it was time to put everything back in the cabinet. To start out, we put our daily vitamins in a bright blue basket on the bottom shelf- hoping the fun blue will draw attention to itself and remind us to take our vitamins. Next to the basket is a mason jar we have dubbed “the Tip Jar”. When either of us have an extra small bill, we stash it in the jar to later use for tips for the sushi delivery guy or the kid at the front door selling candy bars for summer camp. Our thought is that if it begins to overflow with bills, it’s time to deposit some of it in the vacation fund.

After a few more seconds of basket sorting, we now have a fully organized and functional cabinet…

Organized Kitchen Medicine Cabinet / 7th House on the Left

I put a basket on the very top shelf to store our “back ups”. Well, Greg put the basket up there because my 5’7″ self couldn’t reach it – he’s 6’7″ and, lucky for me, can reach the tallest of shelves in the house. The “back ups” consist of extra Band-Aids, Tylenol, and whatnot for when we run out of what’s in the reachable baskets.

As we “grow into” our kitchen and figure out the organization systems for the rest of the house, this area may switch up a little here and there. Sometimes it takes a few “rough drafts” before you get the “perfect” system that works for you and your family. But for now, we’re loving this neat and orderly area. To have just this little bit organized feels so good and a great note to get started on for the rest of the house. Here’s to a fully organized abode for 2014! Fingers crossed.


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It’s that time again, His & Her Favorite Things! For those of you who are just joining in here at 7th House (according to Analytics, there are a lot of new readers recently! So, welcome!), this is where we share a peek into what we’ve been digging over the past few weeks, what’s in our shopping bags and generally what’s catching our eye. We started this feature way back when the blog first began – actually even a year before that on my old photography blog – and it seems to be a favorite here among the readers, so we’ve kept it around. After all, knowing a person’s favorite things is a great way to get to know them, right? We normally start with Greg, but this month, we’re switching it up a little…

Her Favorite Things / 7th House on the Left

1. Waiting Room Magazine Rack: I’ve been on the lookout for some wall magazine storage for my office. This modern rustic beauty is on my short list. / 2. Lomography La Sardina Analogue Camera: Even though digital is where it’s at (for blogging anyway), I love the classic sardine can design and practical 35mm format of this guy. / 3. Built-Ins: Our grand plan for the living room is to add a wall of built-ins on the “tv wall”. That being the case, we’ve been collecting many, many Pins of different built-in looks. / 4. Young House Love: We love these guys, and their book is top notch. We were honored, thrilled and just plain giddy when we saw our blog on the blogroll list in the back of the book. / 5. Gold iPhone Handset: I finally caved in and bought one of these beauties. It’s totally unnecessary, but it’s so much fun to use.

His Favorite Things / 7th House on the Left

1. Fender 5-String Jazz Bass: When I went to NAMM in Anaheim last month, I had an epiphany–I want to play bass. I’ve been a guitarist for 15 years, and it’s time to add another instrument to my arsenal. This Fender Jazz Bass V is on my short list of options. / 2. David Gilmour: Best known as the guitarist from Pink Floyd, this guy is one of the best rock guitar players out there, and his vocals are awesome as well. If you love music, please do yourself a favor and pick up Pulse or Live in Gdansk. / 3. Lego Mug: I’m not sure how functional this is, but I’m not sure I care. If anything, it could be an excellent catch-all for my desk at work. 4. Frosted Mini Wheats: I have a particular love for Frosted Mini Wheats these days. When I’m watching my carb intake, these are pretty much my main weakness. They’re just so good! Image from here.

That wraps up this month’s installment of His & Hers. Do you have any favorites at the moment? Tell us in the comments!