I’m back with another installment of Dead Ringer Deals. With the blog, decorating our house and helping friends and family decorate their spaces, I do a lot of online furniture browsing.It’s fun to spot a good deal but what’s really fun is when you find a what I like to call “dead ringer deal” – something with the same “bones”, using similar materials but at a much lower price. So, if you’re looking for a good deal, or maybe a splurge, here are a few of my current favorite dead ringer deals…

Dead Ringer Deals / 7th House on the Left
Look No 1
 Honeycomb Lantern, Seeded Honey Comb Pendant
Look No 2 Becca Linen Chair, Becca Grey Linen Chair
Look No 3 Fallon Hex Quince Rug, Castleberry Area Rug