You know that kind of moment when you’re like, “Oh my goodness, is this seriously happening right now?”. We had one of those moments Sunday afternoon sitting in the Lowe’s parking lot. Before I get to that, let’s back up a few months… Back in November we got an email from an editor at Better Homes & Gardens’ Kitchen + Bath Makeovers magazine asking if we’d be interested in having our kitchen featured. Umm, yes please!! A few days later, I had a phone interview with the ever so nice Maria. I must say, this was only the third phone interview I’ve gone through since we started the blog, not to mention the first one with BHG, so I was extremely nervous – and I was getting over a cold. Go figure.

After exchanging a few more emails, photos, etc, Maria mentioned the feature would appear in the Spring 2013 issue. Four whole months away! I could hardly stand it. Greg, being my ever so patient better half, assured me it would be here before I knew it. And he was right…

7th House on the Left BHG Feature

Back to the Lowe’s parking lot. It was pouring down rain, so Greg said he would just run in and see if the magazine was out yet. I stopped by a few days before, and they didn’t have the new issue out yet, so I was trying hard not to get my hopes up. Then, here comes Greg, jogging back to the car in the pouring rain, with a Lowe’s bag in his hand. I thought, “Did they have it?! Maybe he picked up some batteries. Or a new light bulb for the dining room.” He opened the door, handed me the bag and said, “Page 30!”.

BHG Magazine Mention / 7th House on the Left

Sure enough. There it was. Page 30. An entire page with a fancy pull quote and everything. Greg started reading the article out loud while I hesitantly listened, hoping I didn’t come across like I was in a cold medicine-induced fog. We were both really pleased with the article. When Greg read the part where Brown & Barkley was mentioned, we both stopped, looked at each other and said, “No way!” We were on cloud nine, and still are! This is our very first national magazine feature and it’s pretty cool that my Grandma in Florida or my brother in California can go to Barnes & Noble or Lowe’s and see our goofy selves on page 30 of a BHG publication. Oh, and we were excited to see that we share the Blogland’s Best section with our blogging buddy, Jessie, over at Cape 27 (we featured their first house’s kitchen reno here).

March Good Housekeeping Magazine Feature

In other print news, our “Glass Speaker” post from way back when (check it out here), was featured in last month’s issue of Good Housekeeping. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of magazine purchases around here lately :)

On to the weekend! This weekend, we have plans to make a dent in some Spring cleaning around here – including straightening up the carport and getting it geared up for Spring. We also may or may not be doing some painting in the hallway and foyer. If we decide to take the plunge and pull out the paint brushes, we’ll be sure to fill you guys in on that next week. Happy weekend, everyone!