Today (and tomorrow) we’re busy finishing up the foyer and taking photos for you guys (yay!), but even though we’re up to our eyeballs in last minute to-do’s (among other things), we didn’t want to leave you guys high and dry without a post today. So, I put together another installment of one of my favorite regular features, Dead Ringer Deals! These are so much fun to search for and it’s always a great reminder than you CAN get the look for less – if not A LOT less at that – and have some change to spare for buying even more goods for the house. Or… it’s just nice to indulge yourself on a splurge once in a while. Wink, wink.

Dead Ringer Deals Vol. 5 / 7th House on the Left

Look No 1 Julian Chichester Anna Lantern / Regina Andrew Soleil Pendent
Look No 2 Mrs Godfrey Chair / Modern Chair
Look No 3 Jaipur Maroc Flat Weave Rug / Geometric Gray Wool Rug