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Guess what ya’ll… it’s Friday! As I mentioned in this post, this week has been kind of slow in the “house news” department because we’ve been having fun and hanging out with my family in town from Florida. So, this weekend, we’re kind of going to be doing a little bit of catch up and get some things done around here. Like finally finishing up the staining process on the boards for the carport ceiling (I know, taking forever) and updating a few things over at Brown & Barkley – which, by the way, is sporting a few new pieces. Woot!

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Oh! We also want to remind you guys that Google Reader is ending their service on Monday, July 1. I know, totally annoying. Good thing is you don’t have to lose all your feeds! It’s just time to move on to another service. Check out the articles on Lifehacker and Wired about migrating your RSS feeds. They’re really helpful and should walk you through it just fine. Happy weekend, everyone!

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This week has been pretty slow around the house, but slow in a good way. My cousin, Brooke, has been staying with us, and we’ve been having fun hanging out, shopping, cooking, “Pinteresting” and the usual “girl stuff” like painting nails and talking. Tonight, we’re planning on having a movie night and watching You’ve Got Mail. She’s never seen it!

You’ve Got Mail is one of those “feel good movies” that you can watch over and over. I remember it being one of the first movies Greg and I watched together when we were dating. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it before and insisted that he watch it. Despite the obvious “chick flick” status, he really liked it and it’s still one of our favorite movie night features.

In my book, You’ve Got Mail is a modern classic. For this edition of On the Set, we’re talking about Kathleen Kelly’s (played by Meg Ryan) brownstone apartment – which happens to be one of my top five favorite movie houses. It’s small (though not “small” as far as NYC apartments go), cozy and seems like the perfect kind of place to hang out with a good book when it’s raining outside.

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The overall style of her apartment is a bit shabby chic with touches of collected vintage here and there. It’s what I call “90’s Pottery Barn” but in a timeless, traditional way.

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French doors, thick moldings, high ceilings, structural details and the vast amounts of built-ins are what makes this space so special. It has great “bones” and tons of unique character.

On the Set: You've Got Mail / 7thhouseontheleft.com

The teal green and beige tile in the kitchen area, along with the double French glass doors, gives the space a definite vintage feel.

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I love the character in the doors and wall molding. I also really like the botanical prints on the wall behind the door. Which reminds me – we need more botanical prints in our lives. If I can’t keep plants alive, might as well have pictures of them, right?

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I’m not a fan of beds on an angle like this, but the comfy quilts and parquet floors make up for it.

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Later in the movie, the bed appears to be anchored on a wall (ahh, much better). I like how they used a good-sized table instead of a standard, small side table. That’s my cup of tea. Oh, and remember how Kathleen said she loves daisies? If you look closely in some scenes, you’ll notice a small daisy design in the bedding.

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Every time I watch this movie, I see something I haven’t noticed before. This time around, it was the haphazard arrangement of the wall art around the desk. It doesn’t make sense, but it totally works.

On the Set: You've Got Mail / 7thhouseontheleft.com

Aside from the overall charm of the “bones” of the apartment, my favorite thing about it is the abundance of built-in shelves – which seems really fitting for a book store owner, right?

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1. Botanical Prints  / 2. A “Bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils”
3. PB Basic Sofa / 4. Lots and lots of books
5. Medium-Toned Wood Furniture (similar) / 6. Pride & Prejudice
7. Balustrade Table Lamp / 8. Cameo Mirror / 9. Pewter Lodge Quilt

Now it’s your turn… what are some of your favorite movie houses?