Guess what ya’ll… it’s Friday! As I mentioned in this post, this week has been kind of slow in the “house news” department because we’ve been having fun and hanging out with my family in town from Florida. So, this weekend, we’re kind of going to be doing a little bit of catch up and get some things done around here. Like finally finishing up the staining process on the boards for the carport ceiling (I know, taking forever) and updating a few things over at Brown & Barkley – which, by the way, is sporting a few new pieces. Woot!

Happy Weekend /

Oh! We also want to remind you guys that Google Reader is ending their service on Monday, July 1. I know, totally annoying. Good thing is you don’t have to lose all your feeds! It’s just time to move on to another service. Check out the articles on Lifehacker and Wired about migrating your RSS feeds. They’re really helpful and should walk you through it just fine. Happy weekend, everyone!

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