Two weeks until Thanksgiving. Two weeks, people! I know it sounds cliche, but time has flown by this year. It seems like just a few weeks ago, we were outside bearing the sweltering Virginia heat while working on our little landscaping project. Now… we’re bringing plants inside to protect them from the 29° nights.

Happy Weekend /

This weekend, we have a conglomeration of things going on including celebrating my grandpa’s 80th birthday, working on a small update in the guest room and (maybe) going to Green Front to shop around for some furniture. Yes, we’re still planning on working on the half bathroom updates (we posted about those here). We actually hit a snag with being able to find the right exhaust fan/light combination to fit the existing fan without having to redo all of the wiring/ventilation in the attic. We think we found the right one, so now we just have to wait on the shipment. Yep. Fun stuff, right there.

Target's A Bullseye View // Not Your Grandma's Gift Basket //

Before we let you guys go for the weekend, we wanted to share a link to our latest article for Target’s online magazine, A Bullseye View. They asked us to put together our version of a Fall gift basket. Since gift baskets are one of my favorite things to give – especially during this time of year – this project was especially fun for us. I read A Bullseye View all the time, so it was super weird (and awesome!) to click there today and see our photos front and center on the main page.

Not Your Grandma's Gift Basket //

We went to Target and picked out a bunch of our favorite Fall favorites like a cozy throw blanket, coffee, pumpkin spice coffee syrup, tea, a yummy Fall candle and a bunch of other goodies. Our favorite little project inside the basket was probably the S’mores kit we made by using a tea box. Check out the full article and more photos here. Happy weekend, everyone!