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Fall is in full swing, we’re looking forward the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and it’s time for another installment of His + Her Favorite Things…

Her Favorite Things // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // Most of the time, it’s hard to find graphic tees in tall sizes. That’s why Old Navy is normally my first stop for new, fun shirts. I already have one “vintage” Star Wars shirt from Old Navy, but I think it’s about time I add another to the collection.  TWO // I know this album is old by modern music standards, but I recently pulled it out and gave it a listen – I about wore out my CD copy in college. John’s a great songwriter, composer and musician all rolled into one, and it’s fun to go back and listen to his older stuff to hear what you didn’t know was there when you heard it back in high school/college. THREE // Alright, Ashley’s Christmas obsession has rubbed of on me. This awesome little classic flying saucer Christmas ornament might be inspiration for the Christmas tree in my office this year. FOUR // ‘Tis the season for green bean casserole. Ash’s green bean casserole recipe is out of this world kinds of awesome. So good in fact, that I suggested that she share it on the blog before Thanksgiving rolls around. Keep an eye out for that post! I promise it won’t disappoint.

Her Favorite Things // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // I’ve been on the lookout for simple gold, everyday earrings. Since Fall is in full swing, I put these at the top of my list. TWO // I love the colors in this arrangement paired with the golden copper planter. By the way, these look amazing with Fave No 5. THREE // I’m obsessed with Illume candles – Balsam & Cedar being one of my favorite seasonal scents. I have a small tin candle that I’m waiting to burn until our first Christmas movie night of the season. Which will be sooner rather than later. FOUR // When I first saw these plates, they were immediately put on my “buy soon” list. I’m normally not a big fan of holiday-specific dinnerware, but these are definitely an exception. A few weeks ago, my little brother surprised me by buying us a set of 12 for a belated birthday present. I’m even more in love with them than I thought I would be, and Greg is a big fan too. FIVE // I’ve never loved a mercury glass pumpkin more than I love this one. When I first saw them in the store, I immediately fell in love with them. I’m thinking 3 or 5 of them would look gorgeous down the middle of a Fall table. They’re on clearance in our local Target, too. We were able to find one large one and one small one, but we’re still on the hunt for a medium one. Fingers crossed.

So, what are your favorites this month? Any particular Thanksgiving foods you’re looking forward to?

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  • Reply
    November 7, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Hi Ashley! I live in Richmond as well and was wondering where you buy your Illume candles. The Balsam & Cedar one sounds lovely. Thanks! Nicole

    • Reply
      November 7, 2013 at 11:24 am

      I normally have to oder them online because they are hard to find around town. However, Quirk on West Broad sometimes has them. Hope you find them!

  • Reply
    November 7, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    I have that large mercury glass pumpkin! I stuck a bunch of mums in it for Halloween table decor. I’m trying to decide whether to put a candle in it or more flowers for Thanksgiving. I may see if my nearby Target has any on clearance now; I’m sure it wouldn’t mind some buddies.

    I really miss my balsam & cedar candles — I seem to have an allergic/asthmatic reaction to them now, after years of enjoying them. Waah! At least we’ll be getting a real tree this year, so I can get that scent in the house.

    • Reply
      November 7, 2013 at 1:47 pm

      Ooh, flowers would be gorgeous in the pumpkins. We have candles in ours and it’s so pretty – especially at night.

  • Reply
    November 7, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    The medium pumpkin is available on target.com, Ashley, but not clearance-priced, boo-hoo.

  • Reply
    Lori H
    November 7, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    I am looking forward to mashed potatoes because I rarely make them!! And my mom’s cranberry jello salad (the only jello recipe I will eat – it isn’t very jiggly!)

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