Well, this month as certainly flown by. It seriously feels like we were just in Florida for Christmas! Time speeding by like lightning or not, it’s time for another round of His + Hers. Here are our few of our favorite things at the moment…

His Favorite Things // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // I was (and still am, really) a huge fan of the Marvel universe as a kid, so when I saw this shirt with my favorite X-man on it, there was no passing it up. TWO // We do a reasonable amount of sanding around here, and while the vibrating sander we have does a decent job, I can’t help but think I might get a better overall finish with an orbital like this one. We’ll be looking into buying one of these for an upcoming project in Ash’s office. THREE // Ash’s cousin passed along this product to me and I thought it was a real fun concept. I don’t use USB sticks too often anymore (Dropbox and Google Drive are great for sharing between techies), but I used them a lot in my last job for transferring information to and from clients. Gigs2Go would be great for that sort of thing. FOUR // I got the chance to see Snarky Puppy in concert last weekend, and they were amazing. I think they’re one of those bands that was just meant to be seen live. No song is ever the same twice; they use a few musical ideas as the foundation for a song (like basic melodies, turnarounds, and phrases), and build on that to make some of the best live music I’ve ever heard. Sure, they’re not for everyone (there’s a huge jazz influence here), but they’re definitely worth a try for any music-lover.

Her Favorite Things // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // A few weeks ago, I finished the last book in the Divergent series. Don’t worry, I’m not going to divulge any spoilers! I read all three in a matter of a few days because I literally couldn’t put them down. When the last book ended, I felt like I needed a hug, haha. The ending was very… unexpected. I’ve read that a lot of people have been giving the author a hard time because of the way she decided to end it, but I think the unexpected ending just made the series even better. If you liked Hunger Games, then you’ll love this serious (probably even more!).  TWO // I’ve always had pretty good skin, but lately it’s been giving me some trouble. I went on the hunt for good skin products and found this magic potion. Oh. My. Word. Simply put, it works, and I highly recommend it. Don’t be put off by the price, because a little does a long way. THREE // This is easily one of the most attractive desk lamps I’ve seen in a while. The brass accents and the fabric-covered cord are just lovely. Well done, Ikea! Definitely making a trip up there soon to snag one for my office. FOUR // Being a lover of paper, I especially love Valentine’s Day. All of the cute, clever and creative cards and crafts make my paper-loving heart happy. As usual Paper-Source is my first stop for cute cards and this one was at the top of my list this year. FIVE // I’m in love with this box for more reasons than one two. The finish is perfect, and it’s the perfect size to display on a coffee table or stash office-essentials like Post-Its on your desk. And it’s on sale, woot!

Now, it’s your turn! How about you guys, what favorites are you crushing on this month?