Happy Thursday, folks! I just wanted to pop in and point you guys over to my new contributor post over at iHeart Organizing. If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t stumbled across Jen’s blog before now, get ready because you’re about to spend countless hours scrolling through her awesome handiwork. You have been warned.

How to Feel A Little More Unplugged Without Pulling the Plug / 7thhouseontheleft.com

For this post, I ended up giving a scaled back version of my 2 cents on cell phone usage. (Seriously, my first draft was twice as long!) I also chatted about tips to simplify your phone and my top three most valuable apps that keep me organized and productive. I’ve been through a lot of “productivity apps”, and these are (in my opinion) the cream of the crop and definitely worth taking for a spin. Totally off the subject, but I just noticed the Old Navy coupon in the photo above is super expired. Boo. 

So, click here to go over to Jen’s blog and check out the post and be sure to weigh in on your favorite go-to apps and phone organizing tips!