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So, He’s a Bit of a Fixer-Upper

Last week, my mom gave Ash a call to tell her there was a guy at her office who had an old steamer trunk that he was taking to the dump. When she saw it, she immediately thought of us and called to ask if we wanted it. Knowing I have a soft spot for vintage trunks, Ashley said, “Sure, why not?!” The next day, my mom brought over this guy… Sure, it’s been through the wringer a few times,…

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Dining Room Home Improvement Tips + Tricks

How to Patch a Hole in a Textured Ceiling

As you may recall, last week, we hung a new light fixture in our dining area, which left us with a nice round hole in the ceiling where the previous light once hung. Our ceilings are lightly textured – not your typical “popcorn ceiling” but still textured enough to make the patching process a little different. A lot, if not most, homes built in the 70’s – early 90’s have textured ceilings, so we thought this would be a helpful…

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Dining Room

Let There Be Light

Do you know what’s awesome about having a father-in-law that lives right across the street and is an electrical expert? He can come over and help you hang your new dining room light fixture on a Wednesday night. I would say that I don’t know what I’d do without his help in this sort of situation, but I know exactly what I’d do: end up with several holes in the ceilings, electrical burns and maybe some bumps and bruises to…

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Easy Upgrades Guest Bedroom


Way back when, we bought this Hemnes dresser from Ikea for the guest bedroom. Despite not being much of a home decor geek at the time (I’m still not, but I’m learning), I really liked the simplicity of it and the clean lines. When we got it home and put it all together, the dresser looked great, even with the blue walls. Once we ditched the “nursery blue” and painted the walls the second time around, the dresser looked even…

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DIY Decor


In the middle of the breakfast bar in our kitchen, we have a wooden trough filled with faux grass that Ash picked up at HomeGoods a while back. It’s really a great piece, since it’s visually interesting, but still slim enough to allow us to work at the counter or eat breakfast while sitting at the bar. The problem is that the faux grass is just a little too “fresh” when fall and winter roll around. Since we love having…

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