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Ashley's Office DIY Decor


Pottery Barn-Inspired Pinboard

A long time ago, I made an “inspiration board” of sorts and loved it, but as time went on, the needs for my office space changed, and so did my style. I didn’t get rid of the old one, though! My necklace collection was overtaking the top drawer of our bedroom dresser, so I ended up adding some cup hooks in order to turn my old office inspiration board into a new necklace storage solution for our closet. (I’m putting a reminder in my phone to post a photo of…

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Laundry Room Shopping + Thrifting


Antique Shoe Storage Cabinet /

For months and months, we had a major shoe storage problem at our house. No matter how neat and tidy we tried to be, the shoes always ended up by the back door or haphazardly thrown into a basket in the laundry room closet. I didn’t like the basket method for us because it felt like a nuisance to dig though the dirty shoes to find the ones you want to wear, then feel like you need to go wash your hands before…

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Decorating Foyer + Hallway


Foyer Accessories

Before I get into today’s post, Greg and I want to thank you for the love and support last week! You guys have no idea how much that meant to us, and we’re now even more excited to be jumping back into this portion of our lives. Now, on with the post… Ah, the foyer. Last time we were in this space with you guys, it looked like is was having an adolescent identity crisis. There was too much going and looking back at…

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Dining Room Shopping + Thrifting

Pull Up A Chair

Dining Room Chairs /

First of all, we so appreciate all of the virtual love and support from you guys when we posted our last post! The comments, emails and messages have meant so much. Thank you for sticking in there with us! You know how like a million years ago, we were trying to decide on chairs for our new dining room table? Well, after months and months – seven to be exact – we finally have dining chairs. And we can have people over…

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Decorating Foyer + Hallway

Back to Black

Door Color: Anonymous by Behr /

Last week I was walking through the foyer and realized that whenever I walk through that little area, something just bugs me. Like, a lot. It doesn’t make me happy; it just stresses me out. I’ve never felt this area to be “done” nor have I ever really “loved loved” what we put together during what seemed to be a whirlwind of a project. It’s been a good temporary solution while we spent some time realizing what we really wanted to…

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