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Ashley's Office DIY Decor


Greg and I had a doozy of a weekend. We set out to tackle our major to-do list which consisted of boring stuff like filing, blog maintenance, getting the oil changed, clearing off the patio, etc. Just when we were about done… it’s Monday. Ugh. Nevertheless, over the course of our ultra busy weekend, I managed to finally finish unpacking my office stuff and load the final pieces into the new storage furniture (more on those here). One of the…

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Ashley's Office Organizing


Operation Organization is in full swing here in my office. As I type, I’m surrounded by stacks of papers waiting to be filed. My current desk has two large(ish) filing drawers, but I’m not going to be keeping this desk forever. Therefore, a new solution is in order. And until I find one, they are scattered on my desk like so… Having all of these loose papers around is driving me crazy – which is why a trip to the…

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Ashley's Office Cleaning Tips + Tricks


A few weeks ago, I got a sample of a new (and very yummy smelling) dish soap in the mail. It was called “dish soap” so that means it can go in the little soap compartment in the dishwasher, right? Wrong. About 45 minutes into the cycle, I walked in the kitchen only to find the floor covered in growing soap suds extending all the way to the refrigerator. Cleaning it up seemed to take forever because the clouds of…

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Ashley's Office Shopping + Thrifting


Last time we talked about my office, we made plans for “the wall with the window” including functionality and storage furniture options… At the time, the office looked like a hot mess… These days, it’s looking like a semi-empty, a tad less of a hot mess… Knowing we’d be in the market for a new desk eventually, we went ahead and donated it along with the two small hutches. We also moved the small thrift table to another room in…

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Ashley's Office


This weekend, Greg and I had four projects on our “To Do List”. All of which had to do with or needed to be done outdoors. What did Mother Nature decide to do? Rain… and rain, and rain, and rain, and rain. So rather than complaining about how I was supposed to be sharing our patio project with you today, I’m going to turn lemons into lemonade and use this post as my sounding board for one of the most…

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