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Just wanted to drop in to let you all know you can find Ash over at iHeart Organizing today. She’s sharing how we combined form and function during our recent foyer decorating process.

Foyer Table / 7th House on the Left

Even though our overall purpose of the foyer was to “look good”, we wanted to be sure to add some function. Check out how we went about it and the full post here.

…or at least how I installed one anyway. Something I’ve wanted in the house since Day One is a gallery wall. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good gallery wall, right? Haha. I didn’t want anything major, just a little tid bit of organized chaos that happens to look pretty. I just needed an excuse to put one together.

Foyer Wall Before / 7th House on the Left

Just when we were nearing the end of decorating the foyer, we got to the awkward skinny wall by the front door. It was too skinny to put a single piece of artwork, not enough floor space for a coat tree and too wide to just ignore and do nothing. And right then and there, I was handed an excuse for a gallery wall on a silver platter.

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

We had a stack of frames stashed away in the guest room closet that weren’t being used, so I gathered them up along with scissors, scrap sheets of card stock, a Sharpie, tape and a good amount of Command Picture Hanging Strips.

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

First off, I traced the outer edges of the frames on pieces of card stock then cut them out.

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

When they were all cut out, I taped the “paper frames” on the wall one by one until I  had a design I liked. Being a visual thinker, this proved to be a really valuable step that saved me a lot of brain power. I used clear tape rather than my go-to paper tape so I could get a really good visual of the spacing between the frames.

Oh! The umbrella stand. Greg and I found this super neat vintage porcelain umbrella stand at a local antique mall  (Cold Harbor Antique Mall for you locals) for $23. I was shocked when I saw the tag because I’ve been searching for one similar and the cheapest one I found was around $120 plus shipping. So, needless to say, I snatched that baby right up. I’m now on the search for a few fancy umbrellas – the kind with the pretty silver handles. It will be something fun to keep our eyes out for during our shopping travels. Okay, back to the gallery wall…

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

We had some frames that were the same size but a different style, so to plan out things a little further – because I’m weird like that – I laid them out on the floor to put together a collection that geared toward the look we were looking for (casual, collected over time and not trying too hard). The rest is pretty self-explanatory… time to hang the frames!

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

Because the frames were going on a wall with a door, we wanted to make sure they were going to be very secure. So, we opted to use the Command Strips. We used these on the tile wall in the kitchen, and they haven’t budged since the day we hung them. Another perk of using these is that if you hang it a smidge crooked, you can easily lift it up and try again.

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

We’re really happy with how our little gallery wall turned out. Now we’re able to display some of our favorite photos (like this one of me and my grandma cooking in her kitchen sporting matching Mickey Mouse aprons) including the mat our friends and family signed at our wedding and our paint shirt art.

Brown & Barkley / 7th House on the Left

One of our favorite pieces on the wall is this art print of a quote my great grandpa used to say (which is now available here over at Brown & Barkley). I never got the chance to meet him because he passed away a few years before I was born, but I hear stories all the time about what an amazing man he was. So, it’s neat to have a little piece of him here.

Framed Vintage Numbers / 7th House on the Left

Another favorite are these framed vintage numbers. I bought the cardboard numbers on Etsy for about $4 (including shipping) and taped them on a piece of white card stock. I decided to put them in a large frame to give it a more modern look. Oh, and the 29 – we were married on the 29th of December. The numbers look a little flat in the photo, but the texture in person makes them look even cooler.

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

We can’t end this post without a before and after…

How to Install a Gallery Wall / 7th House on the Left

Yeah, we still need a few umbrellas for the stand, but I think it’s safe to say that with that, my friends, we wrap up the foyer. It feels so good to mark an area of the house off the list. I think I totally deserve a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper.


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It’s said that the foyer or entryway is one of the most important areas of the home – right up there with the kitchen. It’s the first thing your friends and family see when they walk in the house–it’s your house’s first impression. Our “first impression”, well, was pretty much non existent…

Foyer Before / 7th House on the Left

As members of the Target Inner Circle (more on that here), we were lucky enough to team up with Target and enlist the help of the ultra-talented Sabrina Soto. You can read more about our Q+A session with Sabrina and our initial plans for the space in this post. Once we installed a pendant light, painted the inside of the front door red, picked out the “base pieces” for the foyer, transformed a table lamp and tackled the process of having the perfect rug cut and bound, all that was left was to accessorize the foyer table.

Foyer Before / 7th House on the Left

Until we added the base pieces, the foyer was completely empty. We brought in a mirror, large frames and a distressed metal table (we talk more about those things and why we chose them in this post) to provide basic structure for the area. Even though we were on the right track for filling up the space, we still needed a lot more personality and color. Now, it’s looking a little more robust and colorful…

Foyer Table / 7th House on the Left

That’s a little bit better, right?

Foyer Table Lamp & Accessories / 7th House on the Left

The first thing we did was change out the lamp’s ugly dated shade for one that we made ourselves out of a white drum shade (similar to this one) and Threshold Ikat Print Shower Curtain (more on that here). The lamp base brought some natural elements in (Sabrina suggested that we bring natural elements together with glass and reflective surfaces). The colorful blue and green pattern of the shower curtain lamp shade really helped bring in a pop of color and kept with the “modern rustic” vibe we’re going for.

Next to the lamp is a Nate Berkus frame (which is no longer listed online but still available in store!). This is one of those accessories that Greg and I both immediately agreed on. When we were in Target shopping around for accessories, we actually reached for it at the same time! I love it because the “bone” material adds some texture and goes really well with the lamp base.

Foyer Accessories / 7th House on the Left

One of my favorite things (actually, the very first thing we picked out for the foyer) is this little Threshold Ceramic Decorative Storage Box. I love the simple honeycomb design on the side and the tiny bee on top. We haven’t put anything in it yet, but it’s the perfect size for stashing mints for guests or maybe a spare key. Though, Bentley’s vote is to use it for dog treats.

I’m a sucker for cute stacks of books, but only in moderation. I thought this would be a good place for a small stack since it’s an easy and great way to add a bit more color and, of course, display some of our favorite decorating books.

Foyer Accessories / 7th House on the Left

On the second shelf, we displayed a few favorites from our vintage camera collection and a stack of ever-rotating decor magazines. I really like having the stack of magazines here because when we get a new one in the mail, I can just add it to the stack and read it when I get a chance, rather than moving it from room to room hoping I get a minute to skim through it. As for the cameras, we started out with four, then pared it down to three, but ultimately decided two was a good number so things didn’t look cluttered.

Foyer Storage / 7th House on the Left

To anchor everything and add more “umph” to the table, we decided to also add a few things on the floor. I’ve been eyeing this Smith & Hawken Chalkboard Label Basket for months. I’ve always said it would be a great toy box for a living room or play room, but since we obviously don’t have a need for a toy box at the moment, we decided to use it to store a pillow and a few throw blankets for movie nights. I really like this because it’s fun and functional at the same time.

Speaking of functional, next to the basket, we stacked two linen storage boxes. This is where we keep our Wii games and accessories. It’s close enough to the living room to be convenient when we pull it out – which is actually pretty rare these days, unless my brother is in town. We have some serious Mario Kart competitions! Baby Daisy FTW. Just saying.

Oh and we can’t forget the wall art…

Foyer Art / 7th House on the Left

As we talked about in this post, we took three silver 18×18 Picture Frames and spray painted them with Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint so they would tie in with the metal table and pop out from the wall a bit more. We then framed a few of our favorite old family photos (we’re talking old as in 1950′s and 60′s). We intended for this to be a modern take on displaying old family photos, and we love the results even more than we expected. As corny as it may sound, it’s so nice to have a reminder of our family heritage and in a much-walked-through area of the house.

I rearranged and rearranged the accessories on this foyer table until I got to the point where I would see it when closed my eyes to go to sleep. Haha. Chances are I’ll even rearrange it yet again, but for now, I’m loving our little fun-yet-functional setup. Not to mention that, it’s so, so nice to have such an important nook of the house decorated.