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Foyer + Hallway

Decorating Foyer + Hallway


A few weeks ago when we brought home the lamp, we also lucked out and found an awesome graphic navy wool rug for the foyer. When I held it up in the store, I wasn’t sure if it was even the right size for the space but when I laid eyes on it, I knew it had to be ours. It was originally priced at $220 and marked all the way down to $60. Hello! When we got to the…

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Foyer + Hallway Organizing


In an effort to be one step closer to having every nook and cranny in the entire house organized, we decided to get the linen closet in order this week. Since we moved into the house, it has just been a place to stash extra towels and toilet paper, rather than a real, bonafide linen closet. Until now… I talk about about the linen closet and the organization process in my latest contributor post over at iHeart Organizing (check out…

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DIY Decor Foyer + Hallway Stuff We Bought


For the past few weeks, we’ve been on the hunt for a lamp for the new foyer table. Everything we found was either too small, not the right material, or not the style we were looking for. I was laying in bed the other night, going through old photos on my cell phone when I stumbled on this photo of a lamp I spotted at Tuesday Morning way back in August… Yeah, I take photos while I shop. I’m weird…

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Foyer + Hallway Stuff We Bought


Today, we’re back with an update on the foyer progress! Since our chat with Sabrina, we’ve been able to find the essential “base pieces” we needed. We still have a few more things to find this week, but here’s where we are now… First up, we have theΒ Distressed Metal Sofa Table from Target. I’ve been eyeing this table for months. Before we got it in, our plan was to replace the glass tops with reclaimed wood planks, but when we…

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Foyer + Hallway Painting


Okay, so we didn’t necessarily paint the town red. Just the front door. Our current mission is to spruce up the foyer and turn it into a real, bonifide, cozy, inviting entry. As we mentioned on Monday (in this post), we were given the chance to pick the brain of one of our favorite designers, Sabrina Soto (Ashley is still having random fangirl fits). During our Q+A session, she mentioned that painting the front door would add some needed visual…

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