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Laundry Room Shopping + Thrifting


Antique Shoe Storage Cabinet /

For months and months, we had a major shoe storage problem at our house. No matter how neat and tidy we tried to be, the shoes always ended up by the back door or haphazardly thrownΒ into a basket in the laundry room closet. I didn’t like the basket method for us because it felt likeΒ aΒ nuisance to dig though the dirty shoes to find the ones you want to wear, then feel like you need to go wash your hands before…

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Easy Upgrades Laundry Room


Bringing Damaged Art Back to New / 7th House on the Left

I’ve been a fan of Rodney White prints (particularly this one) for what seems like forever. His work is so fun and being a fan of the modern/rustic vibe an having a special place in our hearts for all things vintage, it’s our cup of tea. Last week, I was shopping with a friend at Garden Ridge when down in the corner of the sea of gobs and gobs of wall art, there she was… I noticed some damage here…

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Laundry Room Painting


Laundry Room Progress / 7th House on the Left

The laundry room has been painted! We’re having an extremely foggy morning here in Richmond, so the photos are all full of shadows and whatnot, so bear with me! Or Behr with me… haha… Okay, no. As I mentioned last week in this post, we’ve been feeling the need to change up the blue walls in the laundry room in order to get to where we want to be style-wise. It’s a pretty good-sized room (for a laundry room) and…

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Laundry Room Painting


Behr Anonymous / 7th House on the Left

At the end of Wednesday’s post, I talked about how I’ve been hankering to paint the laundry room. I’ve been struggling with what to do with this room and I finally came to the conclusion that the roadblock is the paint color. While I totally love the pleasant, calming effect of Martha’s Artisan Well, it’s just not working for this room and the particular style we’re working towards. It just looks a little… is juvenile the word I’m looking for?…

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DIY Decor Laundry Room


How to Distress Wood

Things have been pretty busy around the house lately. Greg has been occupied with his “day job”, I’ve been doing busy with graphic design clients, and we’ve both been pretty focused on Christmas shopping and gearing up for our Christmas party in a few weeks. Despite our busy schedule, we managed to squeeze in a quick and simple project before all of the cooking, hustle and bustle and tablescaping begins. Here’s the deal… I hate clutter. Scratch that… I loathe…

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