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It’s that time again, His & Her Favorite Things! For those of you who are just joining in here at 7th House (we’ve been getting quite a few “I’m new to your blog” emails and comments lately! So, welcome!), this is where we share a peek into what we’ve been digging over the past few weeks, things we’ve bought and generally what’s catching our eye. We started this feature way back when the blog first began – actually even a year before that on my old photography blog – and it seems to be a favorite here among the readers, so we’ve kept it around. Since this is the first of the month, it’s once again time for our monthly installment of His + Hers. So, here’s Greg to start things off…

His Favorite Things / 7thhouseontheleft.com / #4thofjuly

ONE / We’ve been grilling a lot around here lately, so I’ve been more interested in grilling tools than usual. I’m a pretty no-frills guy when it comes to grilling, but I love small conveniences like this. It’s convenient for sure, and with the brush built into the lid, it keeps your sauce/marinade safe from flies or other debris. TWO / Ash showed me this large painted wood wall art piece recently, and I thought it was just plain awesome. As usual, I want it for my office. This is a constant joke between Ash and I because the style I want for my office changes by the hour – which is why it still isn’t finished. Regardless, since it’s the first of July, I thought this edition of His + Hers would be a good place to showcase it. THREE / As I mentioned, we’ve been grilling a lot lately, and a recent purchase that has made the grilling process a bit easier is this ultra light-weight melamine platter. Using this rather than our regular (super heavy) ceramic platter has saved my wrist. It’s simple and white (which Ash likes because it matches our other serving dishes) and light yet durable (which I’m a fan of). FOUR / Who knew Crate & Barrel had barbecue sauce? I certainly didn’t. On top of that, I’ve never tried an Alabama-style sauce, despite my great love for all things cooked over coals or smoked. I’m really looking forward to picking some up for our holiday meal!

Her Favorite Things / 7thhouseontheleft.com / #4thofjuly

ONE / Since starting to use First Aid Beauty’s facial cleaner a few months ago, I’m hooked on all things First Aid Beauty and have yet to find a product I didn’t absolutely love. Seriously. This stuff. Amazing. (I’ve actually had a few of you who tried it last time I mentioned it email me and say how much you love it!) This 20-minute mask is one of my recent favorites. You can also purchase FAB at Sephora if you are a fellow point-collector.  TWO / When I first saw this, I was like, “Hmm, that’s actually pretty cool.” It’s actually meant for 4th of July decor, but I think (if it’s put in the right place), it might be a neat year-around home accessory. THREE / As I’ve probably said here before, I’m a fan of big, chunky statement necklaces. Last year, I came across Bauble Bar through one of the YouTubers I watch from time to time. It’s a great resource for inexpensive statement jewelry and really great quality as well. FOUR / I’m in love with the simple sophisticated design of this platter. It’s not only great for entertaining, but I also think it would look good on a coffee table with a candle and trinkets or on a dresser with jewelry and pretty perfume bottles. If you purchase this online soon, you get a free $15 Target gift card. Soooo, why not? FIVE / Last week, I finally got around to signing up for a Julep subscription. I’m a bit of a nail polish and beauty product junkie, so this has been something I’ve been wanting to start for a while. I love that you can cancel your subscription at any time and you get special prices on all of their products by being a “Maven”. By the way, you can get your first box free by using the code FREEBOX at checkout!

Now, it’s your turn! How about you guys, what favorites are you crushing on this month? Any grilling gadgets Greg must know about? He asked me to add that last part ; )

His + Her Favorite Things

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This month’s edition of His + Hers is a bit late, but better late than never, right? According to a rough count, this is the 42nd edition of this post. It’s crazy to think we’ve been at this for over three years now. Wow, time sure does fly. Now I just sound old.

His Favorite Things / 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // I read Hugh Howey’s classic, Wool, a few months back, and I wasn’t able to put it down. If you’re into post-apocalyptic science fiction and you haven’t read it yet, I whole-heartedly suggest you pick it up. TWO // Every time I go to the hardware store, I end up looking at programmable/smart thermostats. We change the temperature in our house throughout the day to match our activities (it absolutely must be cold in the house for either of us to get a proper night’s sleep), so a thermostat that would change automatically around bedtime would be great. On top of that, you just can’t beat the sleek form factor and user interface of the Nest Thermostat. THREE // All of my favorite shows get cancelled. Without fail. I think there was a Big Bang episode like this; where one of the guys decided not to watch a show because whenever he started watching something good, it would get cancelled. Complaining aside, this is a great show, and it has a few more episodes left, so it’s still worth a watch. I’m really hoping the writers/producers find a way to sneak in a palatable ending for the series. FOUR // As Ash mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our church recently moved into a new building. With that new building came a new sound system, complete with in-ear monitors. It’s been a life-changing experience for me as a guitarist to have my own mix that I can change on the fly where I’m standing. I’ve got a set of earbuds that seem serviceable at the moment, but these guys are on my list of things to buy in the near future so that I can really hear everything as clearly as possible.

Her Favorite Things / 7thhouseontheleft.com ONE // If you’ve been reading for a while, you’re probably well aware that I’m a huge fan of terrariums. Whether they are filled with succulents, moss or small collected antiques, I love them. I’m especially a fan of these in particular. I love the modern style along with the organic wood finish on the base and stopper. TWO // My mom started watching Kelsey Nixon’s new show, Kelsey’s Essentials, a few months ago and now pretty much thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread avocado. Per my mom’s suggestion, I watched a few episodes on Hulu and now, I’m a Kelsey fan as well. I picked up a copy of her new cookbook and absolutely love it. The recipes are simple, easy and nutritious (with a few guilty pleasures in there as well) and the graphic designer in me loves the layout and photography. THREE // Last month’s Favorites included a new perfume as well, so, I guess you could say I’ve been on a perfume kick lately. I’ve been a Mary Kate & Ashley fan since, um, forever. When I was a kid, I watched all of their movies and owned every lipgloss they came out with. Although I don’t completely understand some of their “bag lady fashion” these days, they’re ultra talented business women. That being said, I was really anxious to try out their new perfumes and I fell in love with Nirvana White. It’s light and floral but not too sweet. What makes this scent even more awesome is that it pairs freakishly well with its “sister scent”, Nirvana Black – which is just genius.  FOUR // I’ve been on the hunt for a new makeup bag for a while now and still haven’t found the right one. I really like the design, color and size of this one. However, there isn’t any type of compartments/dividers on the inside. But… the Orla Kiely pattern is calling my name.  FIVE // Anthropologie has always had really awesome hardware, but they’ve added even more great pieces lately that have my head spinning with ideas – like these Blackboard hooks. I’m thinking about using some in the laundry room or guest bedroom. You can write on the black area with chalk and they come in different colors, so they’re super versatile.

So tell us, what things are you crushing on these days? Any of your favorite TV shows, like Greg’s, get the axe? 

His + Her Favorite Things

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It’s a beautiful spring day here in Hanover, Virginia. Seriously, with the copious amounts of snow we’ve gotten this year, we were pretty sure it was never going to happen. I was prepping for an ice age. With the new month comes a new edition of His & Her Favorite things…

His Favorite Things // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // I’ve been using the same tool bag for the past 6 years, and while it’s great for toting my most commonly used tools around, I really need a place to put all of my constantly-growing set of more specialized tools. A real, honest-to-goodness toolbox is in my near future. TWO // Knowing I love toast (Yes, I promise my wife can actually cook.), Ash sent me over to this article. Who knew gourmet toast was a thing? Now, breakfast will never be the same. Who am I kidding? Lunch and dinner might not be the same, either. THREE // Ashley and I are both obsessed with Aloe Blacc’s new album (we “fought” over who got to put it on their Favorites list). Honestly, I’m not totally sure how to describe it accurately. It takes old-school instrumentation and mixes it with new-school production value for an amazing combination. Definitely worth a listen. FOUR // This isn’t exactly new news, but I love coffee. If you’re used to getting one of their over-sweetened delightfully sweet concoctions and have never had a plain latte, do yourself a favor: order a pastry (if you’re game for a treat) and a plain latte. It’s world-changing. I promise. I don’t always go to Starbucks, but when I do, I order a straight latte.

Her Favorite Things // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // The new Oh Joy collection at Target makes me want to throw a party. I love all of the bright colors and touches of gold. Even though we aren’t planning any parties anytime soon, I’m thinking about stocking up on a few favorites just for future festivities.  TWO // Okay. Forget everything you think you know about skincare and buy this stuff. I don’t know what magical properties are in this bottle, but it has changed my life. Okay, maybe not my life, but it has changed my skin. No, I take that back. It is life changing. I’ve been using it every morning and night (paired with the Kiehl’s Midnight Recover Serum at night) for about two weeks and my skin is the best it’s ever been. THREE // I’ve always been a fan of Greek yogurt, and I normally stuck with Chobani. However, I kept seeing the Fage commercials with Bobby Flay. I figured he seems to be a food snob, so it has to be good, right? Well, Bobby Flay is my new BFF because this stuff is freaking amazing. Greg loves the honey version and I’m a big fan of the raspberry. I’m looking forward to trying the plain Fage for cooking. FOUR // I’ve always been a fan of clean, fresh perfumes. I’ve been wearing Clinique Happy since I was about 15. I still love it, but on a whim, I wanted to try something different, I got my hands on a deluxe sample of Tory Burch. I love everything Tory Burch, but I still didn’t get my hopes up because I love my Happy so much. You guys–this stuff is amazing. It’s a really nice citrusy, fresh, clean and floral scent and I love it. This one is here to stay for sure. FIVE // Greg bought this for me one night while he was on an errand run to Target. Yeah, he totally knows my gold-loving self. It’s the perfect size for a few deck of cards and our score-keeping notebook. It’s definitely one of my new favorite storage pieces.

So that wraps up this month’s edition of His + Hers. What are you guys digging this month?