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I love putting together random mood boards as the mood strikes (pun totally intended). It’s fun to play around with styles you normally wouldn’t go with, be able to pull off in your own house or would love to have in your dream house someday. I haven’t put together a random board in almost a year. So, needless to say, it’s high time I post another one. This particular one was inspired by two things…

The first: Malibu. In general, I really miss California. I haven’t been out there since August, though it seems like it wasn’t that long ago. We’re planning another trip out there this fall, but it can’t come soon enough. I miss the perfect weather (and how everyone treats rainy days like snow days), being able to walk pretty much anywhere from the apartment in downtown Burbank, the quaintness of Disneyland, the place I get my hair done (haha)… Well, the list goes on and on. I also miss the laid back and relaxed atmosphere of Malibu – and the fact it’s only a short drive away. Shopping at the Lumberyard and dinner at Gladstone’s is definitely on our list of things to do as soon as we get into town.

The second: When I was a teenager, I really really wanted a surfboard. Not to actually use – no, no – to hang in my room. I thought it would be “like the coolest thing like ever” and was determined to find one. I ended up compromising for a working traffic light and then all was right with the world. Nevertheless, my inner teen still yearns for a vintage surfboard. Seeing as how that wouldn’t really jive in our 1970’s brick ranch, I’ll just express my surfboard love by way of a mood board…

Mood Board: Malibu Living // 7thhouseontheleft.com

Finishes: White walls, touches of blue, rustic wood accents and splashes of gold. // Club Spray Sofa // York Pendant // California Love Print // The World is Your Oyster Print // Claude Walnut Dresser (Look for Less: Take a Craigslist dresser and update the hardware with chunky brass knobs) // Seagrass Baskets (Look for Less: HomeGoods and World Market) // Pappelina Lisa Rug // Moroccan Gold Metallic Pouf // Taylor Chair // Wynne Coffee Table // 72″ Fiddle Leaf Tree // Reversible Cross Pillow // Triangle Cushion // Metallic Velvet Pillow Cover // Metallic Chevron Pillow Cover // Aztec Pillow Cover // Vintage Surfboards

So, what is everyone’s plans for the weekend? One of the things on our To-Do List is to hang a light fixture above the new dining room table. We have to cut/wire a whole new “socket” (actually, what is that called?), so it’s a little more involved than just hanging a new light fixture. Thankfully, we have my dad near by to help us with the wiring and all that jazz.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Richmonders, enjoy the weather because they’re calling for snow again on Tuesday – I know, right?! Happy weekend, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a random mood board. Last time around, I put together a tween boy’s room (inspired by the 12-year-old version of my little brother). Since then, I’ve had a few email requests for a tween girl’s room, so I thought it would be fun to dig into my inner-tween (Oh yes, I have one. I watch the Disney Channel) and put together a fun, fresh and girly mood board…

Mood Board: Fresh + Girly / 7th House on the Left

What I love about this room is that is can easily grow up. Just take away the One Direction poster and switch out the owl side table and you’ve got yourself an airy feminine room. Okay, keep the owl side table. I love it too. Now, for the 411…

Finishes // Barely there “greige” walls, dark walnut wood furniture with simple lines and navy blue and coral accents.

1 //  Charles White Round Mirror // I’m in love with this mirror. The simple lines will tie in with the furniture but the round shape will add some needed curves to pull off the girly vibe. Look for Less: Try out a DIY version by cutting small white PVC and gluing the pieces onto round, white-framed mirror.

2 // Wyatt Bed with Storage // This simple bed brings a nice streamlined style and soft upholstery to the bedroom and even has a hidden drawer that pulls out from the foot of the bed for extra storage space – something every tween girl can use.

3 // Bulldog Pillow & Ikat Pillow // These two pillows are the perfect mix of fun and class. The bulldog shows a bit of modern personality, while the Ikat brings in a little class that moms will love, too. Look for Less: Search Etsy for affordable and stylish pillow covers.

4 // Mercury Glass Lamp // I switched out the lampshade that comes on this lamp with a plain white drum shade to tie in with the crisp white bedding. The base will add some fun metallic texture and be a nice contrast against the dark wood side table.

5 // Modern Chair // I’m such a big fan of this chair (in every color!). The gray version is soothing and plays as a great backdrop for the bright accent colors throughout the room. Oh, and I “stained” the legs darker to tie in to the side table (thanks to some Photoshop magic). It would be pretty easy for any DIYer to sand the legs down, stain them, and re-apply a thin coat of polyurethane.

6 // Owl Garden Side Table // This little garden side table adds a touch of whimsy and is perfect for a classy tween girly girl.

7 // Heirloom Rug // Adding yet another big pop of color, this yellow rug is kind of like adding fresh tomatoes to a pesto pizza – it adds the perfect amount of acidity to balance everything out. Is it lunch time?

8 // Steppe Nightstand // The solid wood construction of this night stand is made to last through the teen years. Look for Less: This nightstand is made from less durable material, but it has the same lines at a fraction of the price.

9 // Bodega Storage Box Set // These storage boxes tie in well with the color scheme and are a perfect place to stash notes from friends and important keepsakes. Look for Less: Paint a set of unfinished wooden boxes (found at Michaels) with high gloss coral paint and embellish with silver nail heads or thumb tacks.

10 // Be You Print // Fun, modern art and a great motto for a tween girl to live by. The metallic gold text will bring in some glam that every girl needs.

11 // Fetco Cork Board // What’s a tween room without a memo board? A few of these little cork boards lined up over a desk will be great for reminders, photos and notes from mom. And they’re on sale for $6!

So, what’s the verdict? If you were a Tween again, would this room be your cup of tea?


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Earlier this week, I had the itch to design a random mood board just for fun (yep, that’s my kind of fun). While I was trying to drum up some inspiration, my little brother gave me a call to chat, which gave me an idea. He’s been in working in LA for the past eight months (more about that in this post) and even though I’m married and in my own place now, it’s weird not having Abram just down the street and popping over for Mario Kart marathons. Instead, we settle for FaceTime chats and WiiConnect – thank goodness for the Internet. In other words, I miss him. A lot.

Growing up, one of my big sister privileges was helping my mom decorate his rooms. I got the chance to revamp his room in the LA apartment last year (check out that project here) but I still kind of miss decorating his kid rooms. I haven’t done a “kid’s room” mood board yet, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Abram is 18 now, but if he were 12 or 13, this is what I’d have in mind…

Tween Boy's Room / 7th House on the Left

1 // MVP Stripe Quilt 2 // Los Angeles Typography Art 3 // Industrial Floor Lamp
4 // Cooper Arm Chair 5 // Classic Wool Border Rug 6 // Weathered Route 66 Sign
7 // Ampersand Marquee 8 // Wire Storage Basket 9 // Hemnes Dresser

I started with the bedding and pulled from those colors. The rug and dresser are good, solid “base pieces” that aren’t too busy, so they don’t take away from the other things in the room. I really liked the chair because it reminded me of an old car seat. Thinking along the lines of classic cars (without making the room themey) inspired the Route 66 sign, which inspired the vintage wire basket storage and floor lamp. Pulling from the orange in the bedding, the large ampersand marquee light and modern typography artwork bring in a little fun modern twist and a pop of color.

So, that’s my take on a non-themey, modern meets vintage room that a 12-13 year old boy could grow up with. Hopefully this stroll down memory lane helps a mom (or big sister) decorate their little guy’s room. Happy weekend everyone!