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Q+A: KraftMaid Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen glass cabinets

Q: Hi Greg and Ashley, My husband and I are currently trying to decide on a kitchen cabinet route to go with our kitchen remodel. I’ve always loved Kraftmaid and heard great things, but recent research has led us both to a lot of negative reviews about the quality the cabinets and paint finish. Would you share your experience? Are you still happy with your cabinets all this time later? Would you go with Kraftmaid again? Thanks for any info! -Kara A: This…

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Finances Q + A


Planning & Budgeting DIY Projects / 7th House on the Left

Q: I’d love to see a glimpse of how you two plan and budget for projects. We both work full-time jobs and have a house that needs a lot of TLC. With our busy schedules, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or days in the weekend. That being the case, I’d love to see how you guys do it. -Lisa A: One of the projects we have coming up in the near future is a guest…

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Mood Boards Q + A


Q: Hi Greg and Ashley! … I LOVE a good white kitchen (yours included- wowee it’s gorgeous!!!). While house hunting, we were looking for a great white kitchen OR a kitchen we could happily rip out and replace. However, we wound up falling in love with a house that had a custom, high quality wood kitchen already done. Not white and not something we want to rip out. We debated spraying the cabinets (which have goregous moulding at the top and the…

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Q + A


Q: Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog from another blog (of course, right?) … And have to say how much I love your decorating style. Clean, classic, uncluttered, timeless. I decorate the same way and have been slowly adding in furniture pieces that will last and still be classic and modern for at least the next 10-15 years! I’ve rid my house of anything that I do not love and have been saving and accumulating meaningful pieces. I have a…

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