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You guys know how I love a good design-related quiz. A few months ago, we all tried out HomeGoods’ Stylescope quiz and it was a lot of fun to read everyone’s results and see how accurate you thought it was (and that thing was pretty dang accurate!). Well, I have another fun one to pass your way…

Lonny Magazine's What's Your Spring Style? Quiz // 7thhouseontheleft.com

This quiz is by Lonny Magazine, and I came across it on Twitter earlier this morning. Seeing as how I’ve been a fan of Lonny since day one, I had to try it out. The purpose is to find your “Spring Style”. With Spring (supposedly) around the corner, I thought it would be fun to take it for a spin.

Lonny Magazine's What's Your Spring Style? Quiz // 7thhouseontheleft.com

The quiz is only 10 questions long and has a mixture of visual and “situational” questions – like your fantasy vacation home spot. One thing I love about quizzes like this is that it makes you think about things you wouldn’t normally think about or sift through styles you wouldn’t normally consider. I don’t drink, so I did hit a snag when it came to the “Your signature cocktail” question. I just picked a random one and went to the next question, haha.

Lonny Magazine's What's Your Spring Style? Quiz // 7thhouseontheleft.com

So, 10 questions later, my result was “The Jock”:

Salmon-colored pants, trips to the Cape, family games of touch football—you’re not afraid to let your inner prepster fly. After all, you’ve never met a stripe you didn’t like. Naturally, your home follows suit with nautical details and plenty of references to good ol’ Americana.

It’s accurate, at the same time it’s not – if that makes any sense. Maybe it was the cocktail question that threw it off, haha! First off, I’m not a fan of nautical accents in our space – though I really dig the rustic touches that sometimes come along with that genre. On the other hand, I love crisp white, “preppy” accents like stripes, and trips to the Cape are my jam.

Click here to take the quiz for a spin. Share your results with the class! It would be interesting to see everyone’s “spring style” and if they think they’re results were accurate or not.

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Over the last year (or more), I’ve been having a “crisis of decorating style”. I have no idea what our “style” is. Naturally, we just gravitate to things we love and put it together as we go (which is how I think a home is successfully created – but that’s another whole blog post). On the other hand, I tend to jump all over the place.  One minute I’m picking out a rustic reclaimed wood dining table and 2 minutes later looking at mid-century(ish) modern sofas. I really want to find a way to wrap it all in one pretty package. I’ve felt like I’ve been getting a tad closer and closer to the “pretty package” (in my head anyway, not in the house just yet), but I’ve had no earthly idea what to call it.

Last night, I was browsing the Internet (more specifically, I was Googling around for photos of sectionals to gain some inspiration for our living room) and wound up on HomeGoods’ website, which caused me to stumble on their Stylescope quiz. Have you guys done this quiz?! It’s pretty cool. All you do is pick five images that “speak” to you and it narrows down the name of your style. Because of my huge, gigantic, year-long “crisis of decorating style”, I didn’t have high hopes for this quiz – I mean, what can five photos tell you, right? Much to my surprise, it’s crazy kinds of accurate. At least for me I think it was. My result was “Farmhouse Glam with a touch New Country”. Um, yes. That’s it!

HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz Results // 7thhouseontheleft.com

The description said, “Farmhouse Glam is very approachable elegance, layering texture rather than color to create a look that is modern and rustic. Chandeliers above picnic tables. Ornate candlesticks alongside weathered pieces.” We may not have any picnic tables under chandeliers, but we love the concept of layering texture rather than color, “approachable elegance” and joining modern with rustic.

HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz Results // 7thhouseontheleft.com

As for the second half of my results (the “touch new country”), I think the “new” is more accurate for us than the “country”. Greg and I both love clean lines, not a lot of clutter and generally keeping things simple – which I think translates over into the “new”. This might be why we’ve been looking at mid-century modern(ish) sofas. They’re clean-lined and simple.

All in all, even though we aren’t quite “there”, it feels good to be able to put a name to an idea that’s been rolling around in our heads for a long time. Click here to take the quiz for a spin. Share your results with us! It will be interesting and fun to see everyone’s style names and if they’re accurate.

Images from here. This post was not sponsored by HomeGoods. Just recanting my Google-searching rabbit hole.

One of the rooms in the house that’s currently on the “back burner” is the master bedroom…

At this point, we don’t really have a plan for this room. And being a “planner”, that bugs the living daylights out of me. All I know at this point is we really like the dresser, but I’m not digging our bed these days. I like it, but it’s a tad too traditional for me (I think) and it’s really high. And before you ask, we already have a low-profile box-spring on it, and there’s no way to cut down the legs without making it look weird. The lamps have got to be Craigslisted. Though we love the wall color, the room needs more color… the list of things to do goes on and on. But enough about what we want to change. I’m sure that will be another post entirely when we’re actually ready to tackle it. Regardless, we’re hoping to do something with it soon – even if it’s just hang some art on the walls.

There are so many things I want to do with this room, but my “vision” for it changes every week. One week, I want to go “Restoration Hardware-esque” and the next, I’m talking “Domino modern”. When I asked Greg what he wanted, he said a Downton Abbey-style estate room, but since gold-embossed leather wallpaper is currently out of the budget, he says he’s happy as long as it has bed. Our styles definitely tend to conflict a bit from time to time, but I’m sure we’ll end up with something we both like – something we’re in the progress of doing throughout the rest of the house.

Yesterday, I was browsing the Nate Berkus Show website and came across this fun Bedroom Design Personality Quiz. We don’t get the show here in Richmond (boo!), so I count on the website to keep updated. Greg and I both enjoy a good quiz so we took it for a spin:

Apparently, I’m a Purist. At first, I wasn’t too sure if my results were accurate, but then I had to remind myself this was a design personality quiz and not necessarily a style quiz. When I think about it, I do like the idea of mixing soft upholstery with bold colors. I also love layering accessories, trays, books, etc. – especially in a bedroom. One part that was definitely dead on was the bed. I’m all about layered bedding and tufted headboards. Ideally, I’d like the bed to look like a crisp white sea of high-end (yet comfy) linens. That, my friend, would be awesome.

Nate pegged Greg as a Collector. Greg and I agree: this description couldn’t be more spot-on! First of all, Greg really likes a room that appears to have evolved over time. He also has a thing for vintage and antique pieces. I mean, come on, the boy wants to live at Downton Abbey! You can’t get anymore “antique” than that. The note about meaningful books and personal photos hit the nail on the head. Despite being a computer geek, Greg loves the feel of a good book in his hands. He says turning pages just isn’t as fun on a screen. He’s also pretty sentimental, so accessories that have a personal story behind them are pretty important, as well. Who knew a 4-question quiz could be that dead on?

Hopefully one day soon, when the other projects begin to wrap up, we’ll get around to putting together a mood board to tie in each of our ideas of the “perfect” bedroom. I’m sure we’ll go back and forth a bit before we find something that suits both our tastes, but we’ll be sure to let you guys know as soon as we do!

Click on over and take the quiz – it’s only 4 short questions! What were your results? Were they accurate? 

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