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We have a question to ask you, but before we get to that, here’s what’s up: Our severe lack of a true kitchen is weighing on our minds. How could it not be, right? When you’re living with a microwave, crock pot, and skillet as your “major” appliances, life is… interesting. As ya’ll know, we decided to go ahead and purchase the fridge (which we are really pleased with!) and that’s made things a lot easier in our “temporary kitchen“. However, as you might recall from the children’s story, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. So now we’re thinking about the other appliances we’re going to be buying down the road — like a stove and dishwasher.

As far as the dishwasher goes, we want it to have a cabinet front to match whatever type of cabinets we go with. Kind of like this…

Since the kitchen is a little on the… shall we say… “cozy” side, we want to make it seem as spacious as possible.  By covering the dishwasher with a cabinet front, we don’t break up the continuity of the cabinetry. This will help the kitchen look a tad larger and more finished to boot. Of course, not having to worry about the looks of the dishwasher makes picking it out pretty easy: just look at the reviews, find the best one for the money, and make sure the panel comes off. Done.

Then there’s the stove, and this is where the question comes in. We’ve found a few models we like, but Ashley is getting hung up on the brand. She’s thinking since we have a Samsung fridge we should get a Samsung stove. My thinking is though it would be nice, they don’t have to match. Ash keeps teetering back and forth…

What do you think? Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to pick a side, we’re just wondering what the rest of the population does (or wants to do) in their own kitchens. Do kitchen appliances have to match? What’s your opinion?

Cabinet front dishwasher photo courtesy of Southern Living.


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A few months ago, I mentioned in a Favorite Things feature about how I was loving the furniture and well thought out vignettes in the Flor catalogs. Well, I’m still loving them and frankly, I’m floored. Pun intended.

We’re big fans of Flor tiles, but aside from their endless carpet tile options, the furniture in the Flor catalogs is simply to die for. I wish like everything they would do just one special issue that included where the key furniture pieces were from. That would make my day. Getting a new Flor catalog in the mail is like getting a super stylish home magazine that’s full of inspiration that can easily be used in any home. Here are few Flor rooms that I’ve gathered for future inspiration for our humble abode…

I like the idea of sitting a collection of framed art on a table, rather than hanging it on the wall. It’s different, unexpected, and draws the eye down to what’s going on on the table. However, in my mind, it’s the nailhead trimmed chair on the far right of the photo that steals the show. Isn’t it lovely?

Even though it’s obviously staged, I like the addition of the red handbag and notebook. It packs a big punch of unexpected color!

This study carrel would be a great addition to a study or even a shared kid’s room for separate homework spaces. I wish I knew where they found it… not that we have room for it or even need it. It’s just one of those pieces where you’ve gotta know.

I’m a big fan of gallery walls – especially when the frames are hung in a grid pattern like this. The vintage art makes it that much sweeter. This idea can easily be done in any home with 8×10 frames, a vintage book (that has a lot of pretty pictures of course), and a level to make sure your gird pattern is straight. We can’t wait to do something like this in our house; I just need to pick a place!

I’m attracted to shiny things. However, I think I’m even more attracted to orange Hermès boxes. Though the Hermès boxes are lovely, everything about this entry table is perfect: the color combo, the chunky table, the bold pattern of the Flor tiles, the accessories chosen for the table… there’s a lot to pull inspiration from in this photo.

Yes, the chairs in this dining area are awesome. They are modern with a touch of “I Love Lucy”. However, it’s the giant framed wipe off board that’s making me “pin” this photo. What a great idea!

I’m not sure what kind of wood this desk is made from but I love it (Greg is geeking out over it too!). He also likes the grid gallery to the left, the sleek desk light, and of course the super bold carpet tile pattern. We’re actually thinking about using these carpet tiles for a “rug” in Greg’s office (though in a different color).

Doesn’t this look like the perfect place to curl up and read a book on a rainy day? This daybed (I think it would be considered a daybed…?) can serve mutli-purposes in what seems to be a home library. I also like the addition of the sconces attached to the flanking bookcases. Perfect reading light.

Three things I love about this room: the neutral color scheme against the colorful patterned throw pillows, the unique floor lamp, and the chunky coffee table. It looks as though the room has evolved over time which gives it a cozy, welcoming vibe – a vibe that we hope our house will have down the road.

Itching to find out where some of these pieces can be found?! Me too! So I called upon myself to do my own investigative research — which merely amounted to reading the FAQ on the Flor wesbsite. This is what I found:

The font is practically pt 2, so here’s what it says: “All imagery in the FLOR catalog was shot on location, often in private homes. Therefore, unfortunately, we do not have informaiton about all of the furniture or accessories seen in the catalog or in our photographs. Select locations courtesy of Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, Illinois. Select products courtesy of CB2, Dwell Studio, and The Verde Design Studio.”

Question answered! Even though it’s not an ideal answer to the million dollar question, it’s something to go on and a few websites to pawn over.

Do you find inspiration in catalogs? If so, which ones?

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It’s that time of month again… another installment of our favorite things! Here’s a few of our current favorite things around the Brown house:

1. Contigo Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler – By now you all know how much I love coffee. My favorite travel mug got lost in the fray as we were moving, and while it was pretty good at keeping things hot for the ride to work, I’ve decided I want something a little more robust.  From everything that I’ve read, this guy is top-of-the-line.  Not only does it keep things hot for a good long time, it’s also leak- and spill-proof.  I’m going to have to put my hands on this as soon as possible! EDIT: One of our friendly readers has informed me that while the mug does work as advertised, it’s really hard to clean out all the little parts in the lid, which can cause unwanted odors after a while.  Looks like I might end up grabbing the Starbucks version instead!

2. Webber Charcoal Grill – I love my grill.  It’s big enough to cook several large steaks at a time, and has vents on the top and bottom for proper air flow.  There’s not much else to say here–this is a simply fantastic charcoal grill. We’ve been getting a lot of use out of it since we are in the middle of our kitchen “reinstall”.

3. Mythbusters Mega Movie Myths – I don’t know that I’d even want cable if it weren’t for the Discovery, Science, and History Channels.  Specifically, Mythbusters has to be one of my all-time favorite shows on television.  I love how these guys take pop culture and turn it on its ear with science.  The fact that they haven’t run out of things to test after 8 years is absolutely astounding. If you haven’t ever watched Mythbusters, this DVD might be the place to start for you. Otherwise, just set it on your DVR and rejoice!  Discovery airs tons of reruns every week!

4. Todo.ly – I’m a little forgetful.  Okay… a LOT forgetful. While Ashley does her best to keep me straight with all of her organizational skills, sometimes I need to make some lists of my own.  And while I love Evernote for its tight integration with my phone, I’m a huge fan of ToDo.ly as well.  ToDo.ly is a little web application that allows you to create lists, check items off, and even print them out in a nice friendly format.  Best of all, it’s free.

5. Astronaut Ice Cream – This is a bit of a throwback to my youth.  I was (and still am) the typical geek, and one of my favorite places was always the air & space museum (or that section of any science museum I could walk into).  While all the technology and science was cool, the trip to the gift shop always concluded with me begging my parents for some of this stuff.  Portable ice cream that doesn’t melt?  Done.

6. Cracker Barrel’s Shimp Po’ Boy Sandwich – I love po’ boy sandwiches.  They’re simple, can be done a multitude of ways, and are hearty and satisfying. These days, since our we’re currently kitchen-less, Cracker Barrel is a frequent stop for us because it’s close to home cooking. While Ash sticks to Haddock, I really enjoy their new Po’ Boy.  Seafood on a sub?  ’Nuff said.

1. We purchased these Galvanized Planters from CB2 over a year ago, put them in my parent’s garage and totally forgot about them until we came across them earlier this month. We’re so glad we did because we need planters for the front porch; perfect timing! They are the perfect size for a good-sized plant, and the clean lines will bring a slight modern touch to the front porch. With a few coats of spray paint, we’re good to go! Yes… I want to spray paint them. More on that when we get around to doing it!

2. This Boot Umbrella Stand from ZGallerie has been on my wish list for a while now. I think it could really bring in some unexpected whimsy to an entryway or laundry room. 

3. I’m a big Gwyneth Paltrow fan, and I love good cookbooks, so buying My Father’s Daughter was a no-brainer! Now we just have to get the kitchen done so I can actually COOK!

4. Pinterest made it to this month’s list of favorites without any hesitation (even though talked about it just a few days ago). Today, they announced their iPhone app will be here in just 7 days! That just makes them even more awesome. Oh happy day! 

5. Confession: I am a beauty product junkie! So when I read about Birchbox on another Richmond-based blog, Her Late Night Cravings, I just had to try it out! For $10 a month, you receive a box of deluxe size samples from top brands like Nars, Cargo, Laura Mercier, Marc Jacobs, Stila, and many more. I like to think of it as a beauty magazine in a box with actual products.

6. Current lipgloss favorite: Smashbox’s Sheer Color Lip Gloss in Pale Nude. It’s the perfect “barely there” color for Spring and it lasts forever without being too sticky. 

7. I simply adore this blown glass candle holder from West Elm. It’s simple, modern, yet rustic. It’s also big enough to house a large Yankee Candle. So, what’s not to love?!

8. If your mom loves gardening (or flowers), this Mini Gladiolus in Grow Box would be a great Mother’s Day gift! Complete with organic soil and a bamboo box, it’s also very eco-friendly. The ribbon is even made from recycled plastic bottles!

Did you come across any favorite things for this month? Tell us about them in the comment section!