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Last week, thanks to one of our blogger friends, Rebecca, I found my personal paradise. A place where all things that inspire me are categorized, labeled with my notes, and the sources are automatically tagged… a place called Pinterest.

If you have no clue what Pinterest is, here’s the 411:  It’s basically a virtual pin board where you “pin” things you find online that inspire you or want to make note of. Things like home decor ideas, recipes, DIY projects you want to try out, entertaining ideas… lolcats, schematics for building your own rocket ship… whatever your heart’s desire. The ultra cool part is when you click your Pin bookmark, Pinterest automatically saves the URL so you can easily go back and see more information about the image you pinned! Amazingly awesome.

Another favorite feature is you can follow other people’s pins. Think of it as Twitter… but with photos. Overall, Pinterest is a perfect recipe for a new obsession. Yet again, amazingly awesome.

I encourage non-”pinners” to consider jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon simply because it’s fun and you’ll be suprised how inspirational it is to see all of the things that catch your eye in one place. Note: if you request an invite it can take up to two weeks (I know!) but if you have a friend who already uses Pinterest, they can send you an invite for instant pinning.

I just started “pinning”, so my categories (or “boards” as they call them) are a little on the sparse side, but if you would like to get a taste of what Pinterest is all about, or if you already have a Pinterest account, you can find my page right here: http://pinterest.com/7thhouse.


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A big thanks to everyone who entered the Rain Chains Direct giveaway! With the help of random.org, we have a winner and the lucky lady is… Mindy! Congratulations, Mindy!

April showers bring May flowers! Even though April is almost over, the rain probably isn’t going anywhere and our new friends at Rain Chains Direct are here to help make those rainy days even more enjoyable. Today, they will be giving one of our lucky readers their best seller, the Hammered Cup Rain Chain. We can already hear the “oooohs” and an “aaaahhs”!

“What exactly is a rain chain?” you ask. Originating from Japan, a rain chain is an alternative to conventional gutter downspouts that is not only functional but also easy on the eyes. You can hang a rain chain above a rain barrel to collect water for watering plants or even washing the car. Who said being “green” had to be boring? You can read more detailed information about rain chains here.

These pieces of art from Rain Chains Direct are 100% solid copper and will form a beautiful patina over time. Their products have been featured in Architectural Digest, HGTV, Fine Gardening Magazine, The New York Times, and Better Homes and Gardens. Here’s how to get one of these beautiful pieces of your very own:

PRIZE: One Hammered Cup Rain Chain (valued at $149.95)
2 WAYS TO ENTER: 1) Leave a comment on this post with the words “RAIN ON ME!”. 2) Leave a second comment telling us your favorite way to spend a rainy day.
PRIZE SHIPS: Anywhere in the US of A 
GIVEAWAY WILL WRAP UP: Friday, April 29th @ Midnight EST. As always, to keep things fair and square, up to two entries per email address. The winner will be selected using Random.org and will be announced right here on Saturday, April 30th. Good luck!!

What seems like forever ago, I talked about wanting a “special doorknob” for the kitchen pantry door (read that post here). As I explained in the post, I know wanting a “special doorknob” may sound completely pointless and a tad bit trivial, but ever since we bought the house there is one thing I knew: I wanted a pretty, unique doorknob for the pantry door in the kitchen. Odd? Maybe. Silly? Probably. Here are the three choices we narrowed it down to:

Keeping in mind that we posted about this just a few weeks (not even 20 posts in) after starting the blog, so we were really excited to see the votes come in (we didn’t even know anyone was reading!). Option C won by a 9 with 15 votes. We were happy that’s what you guys liked because that was the one we were leaning toward, too!

Nearly 6 months later, we finally got around to filling in what was just a hole in the pantry door and adorning it with our new hardware — or the pantry’s “jewelry” as I like to call it. Not to much surprise, we decided to go with Option C: the Tea House doorknob in Smoke!

We really like how the brown (or “smoke”) crystal doorknob ties in the with dark hardwood floors. It tends to “pop” against the white door whereas if we had picked Option A, the doorknob would have gotten lost.

and if you remember reading the previous post, it has the whole Pollyanna-Hayley-Mills-Glad-Game aspect thing going on. And that makes me a happy camper. When I’m happy, Greg’s happy. And when we’re happy, I’m sure happy-go-lucky Bentley has a little extra spring in his step too. What’s a home if it doesn’t make you happy, anyway?

Do you have any little extra special touches in your house that make you happy?