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The New Chapter


…I think I’ve forgotten how to write a blog post. Is this thing even on? Hi! We’ve missed you. We aren’t even sure if many of our “back in the day” readers will even see this post, but this is a post we’ve needed to write for some time. If you’re a reader from way back, leave a comment below and say hi and let us know you’re here! Before I get to what the future holds for 7th House, I feel like I have…

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Dining Room Shopping + Thrifting

Pull Up A Chair

Dining Room Chairs /

First of all, we so appreciate all of the virtual love and support from you guys when we posted our last post! The comments, emails and messages have meant so much. Thank you for sticking in there with us! You know how like a million years ago, we were trying to decide on chairs for our new dining room table? Well, after months and months – seven to be exact – we finally have dining chairs. And we can have people over…

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Blog Talk

Long Time, No Type…

When Pigs Fly /

First off, sorry for the delay in getting this post to the Instagram/Facebook followers. I promised an update post a few weeks ago whilst Greg was making some background site changes. (In other words, geeky code changes that I kind of don’t understand.) Long story short, the changes took longer than expected and ultimately delayed the post going live. But, here we are! I’ve sat down to write this long-overdue update post at least 23 times, but every time I…

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Tips + Tricks

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (the Easy Way)

How to fold a fitted sheet

A while back, I posted about organizing our linen closet (see that post here). Since then, one of the most random, yet frequently asked, questions I get is, “How do you get your fitted sheets to look so neat and tidy?” I always try to explain it as simply as possible or reference the “Martha method”, but I still feel like it might be a little too confusing. I don’t know anyone who loves folding fitted sheets. If you do,…

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Church Reno

Church Reno: The Multi-Purpose Room

Church Renovation / Multi-Purpose Room Mood Board /

I know we’ve been MIA for a while and I’ll hopefully be posting a long yet oh-so-informative post about what we’ve been up to soon. We’ve been getting a lot of questions/emails/comments/speculations about our absence. So, just so you guys know, everyone is wonderful, healthy and all is well in casa de Brown. But, as I said, more on that later. Today, I’m going to just jump right into it… A project Greg and I have been tackling off and on over the…

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