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Happy Weekend


Soo… this weekend has been crazy kinds of crazy. Greg and I have been super busy with work, appointments and life in general. It seems like it should still be Tuesday because it’s all flown by so fast, but boy are we glad today is Friday. Oh, sweet sweet Friday. This weekend, we’re – yep… you guested it – working on the carport. With this week being so crazy, we haven’t had a chance to work on it like we…

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House Happenings



So, we have a pretty cool new piece of furniture hanging out in the dining room… It’s pretty awesome, right?! Over the years, I’ve seen a bunch of card catalog cabinets online here and there and always thought it would be really neat to have one. But what makes this card catalog cabinet even cooler is that it’s from the library of Greg’s and my alma mater. Long story short, some family friends, Ted and Judy Gee, had three catalog…

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****THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING ENTRIES**** Scroll down to the giveaway widget to see who won! We’re kicking off this week with a giveaway from National Geographic’s NOVICA. Before getting an email from them seeing if we were interested in doing a giveaway, we had never heard of NOVICA. After learning more about them, the products and their overall mission, we’re really glad we did. Their mission is to give artists and artisans around the world a global platform…

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Happy Weekend


So, today is a very happy day. Not only because it’s Friday but because the rain has stopped – for a few days at least – and our lumber for the carport ceiling is being delivered early this evening. So, can you guess what we’re doing this weekend? Yep, Ash and I’ve got a date with 62 planks, wood stain and a nail gun. What do your weekend plans look like? Whatever you’re up to, we hope you have a…

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Currently Loving


Happy Camper / 7th House on the Left

I’m not much of a camping person. I really wish I was, but it just isn’t in my blood. I’ve been camping once in my life and that trip ended with a severe thunderstorm with lots – and lots – of lightning…. while in a pup tent. The next morning, we high-tailed it out of there and drove to the nearest restaurant with running water, clean bathrooms and food made with electricity. That being said, I kind of wish I…

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