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It’s the last Monday of May, so you know what that means… three day weekend! With our schedules being so hectic the past month or so, we’re welcoming this 3-day weekend with open arms… and a glass of lemonade hoping the sense of relaxation will stick around for a while.

A List of Home Decor Memorial Day Sales / 7thhouseontheleft.com

Along with the extra 24 hours for rest and relaxation, comes some pretty great online sales. Every year, it seems that I get clued in on the good sales on Monday night, after all the good stuff is already out of stock. That being the case, I thought it would be fun to compile a short list of the good home-related sales that have come across my radar the last day or so.

Serena & Lily  // 20% off everything // CODE: SUMMER20

Home Decorators // Free Shipping on Everything

Pottery Barn // Up to 60% off on Hundreds of Items

Art.com // 35% off sitewide // CODE: PNAT97

OpenSky // Save an additional 30% on everything

Kohls // $10 off any purchase of $25 or more // CODE: HONOR10

Furbish Studio // 15% off everything // CODE: SUMMERTIME

World Market // 10% off everything // CODE: MAYPASS

JC Penney // 15% off everything + 10% off furniture, mattresses and blinds // CODE: SUNNYDAY

Bruke Decor // Spend $100 and Save 15% (CODE: FLAG14), Spend $250 and Save 20% (CODE: RED2014), Spend $500 and Save 25% (CODE: WHITE2014), or Spend $1,000 and Save 30% (CODE: BLUE14)

Brown & Barkley // 15% off everything // CODE: SUMMERFUN

Good sales and long weekends are great, but the real meaning of Memorial Day is to celebrate the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We are so thankful for the soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom. We hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day. Happy weekend, folks!


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Let’s just deem this “Kids Week” because I’m back with a How To for the DIY art boards I made for Tiffany and Josh’s playroom makeover. This little DIY project was a little messy (I’ll get to that part in a minute) but it was totally easy and affordable.

DIY Burlap Pinboards // 7thhouseontheleft.com

Obviously, these aren’t just for playrooms and kid’s art. One of these guys would be perfect in a kitchen or laundry room as a memo board to keep coupons, calendars, recipes, etc. It would also make a great inspiration board in a home office/studio setting. It’s kind of like a “dressed up” version of a regular bulletin board you’d get from an office supply store – but a whole lot cheaper. Okay, enough chatting, here’s the 411…

Here’s what you need…

DIY Burlap Pinboards // 7thhouseontheleft.com

ONE // Burlap (4″ larger than your foam board) TWO // Spray Adhesive
THREE // Foam (“Project”) Board FOUR // 3M Picture Hanging Strips
FIVE // A Large Pair of Scissors  SIX // Duct Tape (optional)

DIY Burlap Pinboards // 7thhouseontheleft.com

First, let’s talk a bit about the foam board. I found four 2′x2′ pieces of foam board at Home Depot that were 1.5 to 2 inches thick for around $5 each. Foam board comes in all different types, but it’s important to choose one that will hold tight to a push pin. The foam board I used is also called “project board”. They also sold it in huge 4′x8′ sheets that can be cut down, but for this project, I thought four 2′x2′ boards would make more of a statement and break up the wall a bit.

DIY Burlap Pinboards // 7thhouseontheleft.com

Oddly enough, it was really hard to hunt down burlap. I checked Michaels, Hobby Lobby and AC Moore and they were all out of stock or only sold 1′x1′ sections. I finally found it at Walmart for $3 a yard. I asked the saleswoman to cut it in yard-long pieces thinking I wouldn’t have to do any cutting when it came time to attach it to the boards. I still ended up having to cut a good amount of excess off, but the smaller pieces were a lot easier to handle.

To start out, I sprayed a light coat of spray adhesive on one side of the foam board. Once the glue had set for about 30 seconds, I simply laid the fabric down on the sticky surface and smoothed out any bubbles or wrinkles.

If you’re following along, remember: You must, must do this outside and away from furniture, cell phones, cameras (hence why I don’t have a photo of this step), etc. If you get this spray adhesive on anything, it will be murder getting it off. Not only does the spray adhesive go everywhere, but the burlap also sheds like crazy. At the end of this process, my hands were covered with strands of burlap and glue. I looked like Chewbacca. I ended up having to use nail plush remover to get a majority of the furriness off, but even that didn’t remove it all. That being said, it’s probably best to do this entire project outside, away from anything you don’t want “stickified,” as Greg put it. However, once you get the boards on the wall, they won’t shed or anything. Burlap is just messy to work with.

Another thing to note: If you’re using any type of fabric other than burlap, it’s super important to iron the fabric first and get rid of creases and wrinkles. Otherwise, your board will forever be creased/wrinkled. I was using rather rustic burlap and going for a rustic look, so I skipped this step.

DIY Burlap Pinboards // 7thhouseontheleft.com

It’s important to trim the fabric after you adhere it to the front of the foam board because you don’t want to accidentally cut too much off and have to go out, buy more fabric, get frustrated, etc. I’m told the same thing goes when you’re upholstering furniture, so we’ll have to keep that in mind for potential future projects.

DIY Burlap Pinboards // 7thhouseontheleft.com

The rest of the board-making process is super simple. All you have to do is spray more adhesive on the edge of the foam board and tightly wrap the excess burlap over the edge toward the back of the board. Basically, you just wrap it like a big, flat present. It’s that simple. If you feel like it needs a little more hold, you can add small pieces of duct tape to where the edge of the fabric meets the back of the foam board – but that’s totally optional.

Playroom Makeover // 7thhouseontheleft.com // #targetinnercircle

We hung the boards about two inches away from each other and used two 3M Picture Hanging Strips per board to attach them to the wall. I love how these turned out and can’t wait to see them piled with lots of art and craft projects.

Keeping with the theme of our latest makeover project, we have a fun giveaway for you all today! Kid Made Modern is the brainchild of Todd Oldham, a super talented interior/fashion designer that I’ve been a fan of for a long time. The collection is filled with fun, colorful craft supplies and books. Even though the brand is called KID Made Modern, I’ve been known to purchase more than a few things from this line in the past. So, even if you don’t have little ones, it’s safe to say you’ll still love what we’re giving away today. One lucky reader will win a $100 Target gift card and a special Kid Made Modern Gift Bag that includes everything you see in the photo above plus a few extras.

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Here’s how to enter… Scroll down to the giveaway widget below and log in with your Facebook account. If you’d rather not use your Facebook account, or don’t have one, just enter your email address (registering, adding a password, etc is not required and as always, your information is kept private!). Once you’ve done that, you’ll be shown the entry requirements set by yours truly. Click the “Do it!” button, type the phrase in the blank in the widget, then click “Enter!” Once you’ve entered, you’ll see some optional entry options. To gain additional entries and increase your chances of winning the prize, you can do one or all of them – or none, it’s up to you. If you already follow Target page or 7th House, go ahead and enter your Facebook or Twitter info, and you’ll be automatically given the extra entries. This giveaway is open to everyone in the US, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Oh, Canada (woo hoo!).

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