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Making a List

planner lists

…and checking it twice. Fact: There are 121 days left until Christmas! Can you believe that?! That means you’ve let over half of the year slip by without planning for the longest (and largest) holiday season of the year. Okay, so maybe the situation isn’t quite as dire as I make it sound, but, as crazy as it may seam, it’s not too early to start marking things off your “Christmas to-do list”! I’ve been in a major list-making mode this past…

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My Rant on Cell Phones and How to Organize Them

How to Feel A Little More Unplugged Without Pulling the Plug /

Happy Thursday, folks! I just wanted to pop in and point you guys over to my new contributor post over at iHeart Organizing. If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t stumbled across Jen’s blog before now, get ready because you’re about to spend countless hours scrolling through her awesome handiwork. You have been warned. For this post, I ended up giving a scaled back version of my 2 cents on cell phone usage. (Seriously, my first draft…

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His + Her Favorite Things

His + Her Favorite Things

It’s that time again, His & Her Favorite Things! For those of you who are just joining in here at 7th House (we’ve been getting quite a few “I’m new to your blog” emails and comments lately! So, welcome!), this is where we share a peek into what we’ve been digging over the past few weeks, things we’ve bought and generally what’s catching our eye. We started this feature way back when the blog first began – actually even a year…

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Decorating Foyer + Hallway

Back to Black

Door Color: Anonymous by Behr /

Last week I was walking through the foyer and realized that whenever I walk through that little area, something just bugs me. Like, a lot. It doesn’t make me happy; it just stresses me out. I’ve never felt this area to be “done” nor have I ever really “loved loved” what we put together during what seemed to be a whirlwind of a project. It’s been a good temporary solution while we spent some time realizing what we really wanted to…

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DIY Decor


DIY Burlap Pinboards //

Let’s just deem this “Kids Week” because I’m back with a How To for the DIY art boards I made for Tiffany and Josh’s playroom makeover. This little DIY project was a little messy (I’ll get to that part in a minute) but it was totally easy and affordable. Obviously, these aren’t just for playrooms and kid’s art. One of these guys would be perfect in a kitchen or laundry room as a memo board to keep coupons, calendars, recipes, etc. It would…

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