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His + Her Favorite Things

His + Her Favorite Things

It’s a beautiful spring day here in Hanover, Virginia. Seriously, with the copious amounts of snow we’ve gotten this year, we were pretty sure it was never going to happen. I was prepping for an ice age. With the new month comes a new edition of His & Her Favorite things… ONE // I’ve been using the same tool bag for the past 6 years, and while it’s great for toting my most commonly used tools around, I really need…

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Decorating Dining Room


West Elm Curtains //

I always try to keep negative thoughts off the blog – Β goodness knows there’s enough negativity to go around for all of us on the World Wide Web. But truth is, this girl is irritated. Rant #1 // For me, curtains are one of the hardest – if not the hardest – decor items to shop for. I’m normally pretty good at visualizing what something might look like in place and seeing potential, but when it comes to curtains, I…

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Dining Room

Let There Be Light

Do you know what’s awesome about having a father-in-law that lives right across the street and is an electrical expert? He can come over and help you hang your new dining room light fixture on a Wednesday night. I would say that I don’t know what I’d do without his help in this sort of situation, but I know exactly what I’d do: end up with several holes in the ceilings, electrical burns and maybe some bumps and bruises to…

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Ashley's Office Organizing

Hold the Toast

Use a vintage toast holder to organize small things on your desk. //

Well, I was hoping to be posting about our new dining room light fixture today. Actually, I had hoped to post it yesterday, but some stuff came up and we had to postpone our electrician date with my dad until later today. So, fingers crossed, Greg will have that post ready for you guys tomorrow. But here’s a heads up, we unpackaged the fixture last night and… I’m in love with it and can’t stop looking at it. Since we…

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Mood Boards


I love putting together random mood boards as the mood strikes (pun totally intended). It’s fun to play around with styles you normally wouldn’t go with, be able to pull off in your own house or would love to have in your dream house someday. I haven’t put together a random board in almost a year. So, needless to say, it’s high time I post another one. This particular one was inspired by two things… The first: Malibu. In general,…

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