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Ashley’s Office


Unlike normal carports, our carport is located on the back of the house facing our back yard and a nice wooded area. Since we have ample driveway space, we rarely parked our car in the carport simply because it made things feel more open and gave us a sense of an “outdoor entry”. As you can see from the before photos, the space was far from inviting and completely lacking personality. As we rolled ideas around, we decided to turn the carport into a covered patio. After a moderate amount of elbow grease and TLC, we now have a cozy area to hang out in, enjoy the scenery and the great outdoors.

Dining Area

A work in progress, our plans for this area include different furniture that coordinates with the “rustic modern” style we’re aiming for, window treatments, and wall art.



When we bought the house, we inherited a nice, large foyer closet. The only thing was that the door to the closet was tiny. So, we took the door out, widened the doorway and then had a pro come out and frame in the new double doors. We also removed the chair railing and painted over the sand-textured walls with eight coats of paint. we recently spruced up the space with a new light fixture. The next step is punching things up with some personality, finding a foyer table, rug and wall art.

Greg’s Office

This is Greg’s domain. This is where he writes his code, plays guitar and a video game or two. We’re still knee-deep in transforming the once Redskins-themed boys bedroom into Greg’s “tech modern geek” domain. Nevertheless, we have a few big projects under our belt in here – like, replacing the carpet with hardwood floors, painting the walls and the molding and installing our semi-DIY floating shelves. We still have some furniture to pick out (like a reading chair and side table) as well as wall art and window treatments.

Guest Room

Like most of the rest of the house, this room is in a state of flux. It’s come a long way since we got the keys, though. We ripped out the old carpeting, replaced it with new hardwood floors, and painted the walls and molding. We recently painted over wall color #2 (the pool blue) with a nice, moody gray that we’re head over heals about. We’re still pulling together accessories, and we have plans for hanging curtains, switching out dresser hardware, keeping our eye out for a comfy reading chair, etc.

Half Bath

When we bought the house, this little bathroom was a dark, dingy green with dated fixtures. We ripped out the old, extra low vanity and replaced it with a crisp, white one complete with new countertops. We also replaced the dated toilet and had much of the plumbing repaired. The next step in this space is to add a mirror, wall art and accessories.

Hall Bathroom

This was the first project we tackled. About an hour after we got the keys, we were knocking out the vanity. We gutted the entire bathroom and started from scratch. In order to bring in a larger, more substantial vanity, we knocked out the smallest of the two linen closets in the hallway. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t sacrifice storage for space, but in this case, it proved to be the right decision for us.


This was our biggest undertaking yet. The previous kitchen was not only dark and outdated, but the layout was not functional (you couldn’t open the dishwasher and stand at the sink at the same time). Knowing this kitchen needed a lot more than just a few coats of paint, we decided to completely gut it and start from scratch. A long remodeling process later, we now have a functional kitchen that is much larger, brighter and our cup of tea.

Laundry Room

We ripped out the tile floor and had it replaced with new hardwood floors and stained to match the rest of the house. Two wall colors later, we’re finally on the bath to a functional laundry room.

Living Room

Our living room is open to kitchen and dining area – which is great when we have a lot of friends and family over. It”s not nearly “finished”, but it looks a lot different than when we were handed the keys to the house. We removed all of the chair railing and replaced the painted paneling with new drywall. We also refinished the floors and painted the walls, trim and the ceiling. Our future plans for this room includes new furniture, beefing up the fireplace with a reclaimed wood mantle and installing built-ins along the wall the TV is on.

Master Bedroom

We’ve done a complete overhaul on the “bones” of this room, but have yet to address the decorating (we hope to get to that soon!). The sink area used to be opened to the bedroom and the adjoining bathroom was very small. So, we knocked down the walls of the bathroom and built them back up in the “right” place. This gave us a decent-sized fully private bathroom.